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  1. HI Carlos, thanks for your suggestion with the trigger. If we would register a client side trigger, will this be run on every user's machines? Or can we limit it to some users or perhaps operating systems? As we have Windows and Mac Clients we would expect difficulties if this client trigger would be global to all users. May I ask another more basic question to client-side triggers? As far as I understand the samples - the script or code will be run on the client's computer. Do you have any tips how to deploy (and keep it updated) the scripts on 100+ computers? Thanks Tobias
  2. Thanks again for a fast reply, Quite easy - I do not like it. We have thousends of branches it takes (at least me) too many clicks to switch between filters to find the right branch. Tobias
  3. Hi Psantosl, thanks for the really fast reply. Because this is only the unique information to track an issue. The branch describes the work and consists often of many checkins. But the checkin number gives me the correct information when this issue returned to /main. Sorry, but a perfect workflow exists only in a perfect world. If you have only one issue tracker it might be an option, but in the real world you have many systems (often legacy) to work with and humans, that also need this information (mail, chat etc.). All of them require the changeset number. The shelf's dialog has a "Do not ask me again" checkbox , so everyone not needing that information can hide it forever. I am sure that I am not the only one.
  4. Hi, it would be nice if I can see all changeset easily for my active branch. Currently I have to many steps Show Branch list Search my active branch (why can't I jump with some shortcut to "my" branch) Right click - "View changesets on this branch" It would be nice to have this option in the context menu of the branch. Thanks Tobias
  5. Hi, it would be nice if there is an option to display the new changeset's number after the checkin. On most projects I have worked on you have to record the changeset's number in some other system (Ticketing, Bugtracking, Mail,...). So it would be quite nice, if that this important information is displayed automatically - like the shelf's number. Thanks Tobias
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