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  1. Hello ! I try to push on a branch and I get the error : "The object is currently locked. Try later.". I looked up in the forums and found several leads about the error, but the solutions provided doesn't works or I don't find the file to delete to unlock the files. Can you help me ? Thanks. PS: Restarting / Stopping+Starting the server does not works too.
  2. Well apparently the very last update of Plastic corrected the problem ! So, technically, solved !
  3. Hello, I'm having a lot a trouble with Plastic SCM Cloud, we're working from home and I'm trying pull a branch since two/three weeks and everytime I do it, I get the following message (it's attached to this post, and it's in french, so this is an approximative translation) : "The sync process was unable to replicate the following branch: [Info on the branch] Error description : Impossible to cast an object of type 'System.IO.IOException' to 'Codice.CM.Common.CmException" How it happened : Pull a branch with roughly 2-3gb to download. In the middle of the download, it stop and display the error. This error happens since the migration (maybe coincidence) What I've tried (that didn't solve the issue) : Full clean of the project, then full re-download. Full clean of Plastic SCM Cloud, re-download, re-install. Relentlessly looking on the web about this error. This is quite urgent and critical ... Please help if you have any idea ! Thank you in advance, do not hesitate to ask question.
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