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  1. Hello again. I tried this: My out put was cm lrep --format=TABLE 2 Caves 3d local but I have folders rep_1 to rep_11 (I made/deleted a lot of repos doing tests). Does that "2" mean I'm actually looking for rep_2???
  2. Thank you for the fast answer! However all I see there are rep_1...rep_n 1. How do I know which rep is which? 2. What if I move a rep folder, will I be able to change it's number when I bring it back to this or other system so it's automatically seen as another repo? Thank you in advance!
  3. I'm still rather new with Plastic but it seems lovely! So forgive me if that's somehow too obvious but I missed it. Imagine this git example: 1. New git repository (local) 2. I add a file 3. I commit this 4. I remove that file 5. I commit this The file is hidden in the .git folder existing at the same place, however in Plastic's case it doesn't as it keeps a central database in it's installation folder. In git's case I can move that folder to another PC or keep it as a backup on a hard drive/blueray and not lose the repository. How can I have that old-school safety with Plastic?
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