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  1. hello you awesome plastic creators! would it be possible to incorporate an update method into the application instead of download and install the whole thing again? would be very awesome for lazy af users like me thank you for the great updates and your hard work! greetings sascha
  2. awesome, thank you angel for the heads up!
  3. Hello, i ran into the problem that my credit card is prepaid and i forgot to shove moneys on it. Now my account is off until my bank transferred money to my credit card the weekend is over so that my bank actually will do this Are there plans for a more direct payment method, like paypal or direct transfer from bank accounts via a 3rd party service? I guess this would help many people to access your service. Greetings! Sascha
  4. Hi thanks for your answer. And yes, of course i can always ask the owner to remove me. But to me this is a privacy and sovereignty thing. What if the owner is not responsive, what if the owner is an annoying person i don't want to talk to anymore. What if I am too lazy to write emails just to ask if someone would be so kind to remove me fron his server. I should be in power to deny an invite and leave a server if I want to. Server owners must not have the power to decide whether I am part of their project or not. If you ask me it should be mandatory to leave the decision if a user is involved in a project by the user and not the server. See Google has a similar problem which they don't fix. Literally anyone can invite you to a google doc as an editor or viewer. And it leads to vast amounts of spam that lurks in your shared documents. You can remove those docs, but as soon someone updates the doc, it will be displayed again. Why? Because to this day it is not possible to actively deny an invite or leave a document that is shared with you. I experience the accounts that I have in the internet as my personal spaces and I allow for entry or not. At least it should be like that.
  5. i mean if someone has my email address, this person can always send me an invite and i have this server forever in my dashboard. i would like to have an option to decline an invite and to leave after some time. or do i oversee something?
  6. turns out it was a dumb user fault. most of the time the gmail email addresses have a dot in between their first and last name. in this case there was none, but we put one in there.... god.. but thx for the help!
  7. awesome, thank you. i am currently trying to. but the plastic scm preferences tell me this. however i chose a plan and put an organization in the form
  8. Hi perhaps I am blind or am searching the wrong words. I cannot find a guide on how to onboard new users to a plastic scm cloud project. When inviting users as developers through the web interface. the user gets an email to download the clients and that's it. but when this user starts the client, it asks him to create an account with a cloud organization. is this the correct way? in perforce i would hand over the server, and a user name and a password. but i see no such option in the gluon client
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