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  1. Hi all, These feel like questions that should already have answers, but I haven't been able to find anything on it through a lot of my searches. These are the questions I have: In Plastic's Code Review, is there a way to select multiple lines of a file to comment on them? There are times where I need to select a whole block of code to indicate a refactor must be done. Or comment on the general design of a component, which often considers multiple lines. I work with Unreal Engine, which has Blueprints (a type of node-based coding system) that are classified as binaries. I know the system won't be able to read and diff these for me, but I'd still like to annotate the file entry itself with notes. Is there a way to at least leave comments on the whole file? This is practical for other things too. For instance, if someone has checked in a binary file that shouldn't be there. As a reviewer, I need a way to indicate to the programmer that it shouldn't be there. Considering some of the above struggles, which comes pretty standard with other code review systems, is there a way to integrate another code review tool with Plastic? Overall, pretty happy with the PlasticSCM experience. The Code Review tool does seem to need work, either with more functionality built-in or increased discoverability of that functionality. Thanks!
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