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Visual Studio 2005 error : Type is not resolved for member


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When preparing to debug a web project that is under Plastic, the following error message appears:

Error 3 c:\DevSource\AgentPortal2\Agent_Portal\Commissions.aspx: ASP.NET runtime error: Type is not resolved for member 'Codice.CM.Common.CmCallContext,commontypes, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a107c9c6e34c8876'. c:\DevSource\AgentPortal2\Agent_Portal\Commissions.aspx 1 1 c:\...\Agent_Portal\

What does the "type not resolved for member" mean?

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this is a known undesired interaction between the .net appdomains of visual studio and plastic, happening on Plastic SCM 2.0 RC2 ( It happens when visual studio finds a compilation error on your project. If your project compiles correctly, everything should be fine.

It is being already worked on, and will be ready on 2.0 RTM, thanks for pointing it out!



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