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Trac integration - "mark as open" functionality/customisation


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I'm just for the first time configuring Plastic to use Trac as it's issue tracking system.  All working fine, but I'm wondering if it's possible to easily customise the "mark as open in issue tracker" functionality within the create branch dialog.

I've customised our Trac ticket workflow, and would like to change the status that Plastic uses.  Having looked, it seems that it's hardcoded to change the status of the Trac ticket to "assigned" within the Trac extension dll.  So a few questions:

  • Would you be open to adding a customisation option for this? I assume if so, it might take a while to happen (and that's fine!)
  • If I wanted to customise this, is the source code for the existing extension already available so I can tweak it for our purposes?
  • If not, what's your viewpoint on us decompiling the existing extension, and just recompiling it with our updated value?



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