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Plastic's 1 workspace/solution recommendation - need guidance


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I recently moved an old 2-project Solution that had been under Plastic client control with two workspaces to a new computer with the latest versions of Plastic and Visual Studio. I decided to try the Integration for VS, but missed the note about 'only one workspace for a Solution'.

As you can imagine, my solution and workspaces turned into a train wreck, with a jumble of private.0's, private.1's, private.2's, a whole bunch of other 'dotted' folders in the Solution explorer, and all manner of 'you need to merge before checkin' or 'you need to checkin before merging', followed by failures when I followed any of the suggested options. And then I tried deleting both workspaces and recreating one new one, but I'll spare you the sordid details on that outcome.  Well...  I'm not looking forward to trying to 'put Humpty Dumpty back together again', but...

at least for future reference, how exactly is one supposed to use VS Integration with a typical 2 or 3 project Solution if you're recommending 1 repo/Project, but 1 workspace/Solution? There is NO guidance on this in your IDE Integration section at all. (and I would have to think this would be an extremely common situation) ???  xlinks? Just stick with the Plastic client?  (I guess I should have done that in the first place...)  :(

I'm sure it doesn't sound like it from the above bits, but I DO think Plastic SCM is an amazing product, so kudos to everyone on the team for such an achievement. Being an engineer/CAD/3d/visually-oriented type, I was immediately drawn to it. Even with limited use, I actually didn't do too badly when just using the Plastic gui earlier on. Right now though, I wish I had a '100 steps to take when things go horribly wrong' Guide.) lol

-- Thanks

Well, I managed to get both Projects sorted out, so I created new repos and workspaces for each, added them to a blank Solution, and then created an xlink in the primary project to link them together. It *seems* to be working ok...  but then, I've been processing everything only from the Plastic client (thinking it might be safer) even though the VS toolbar is active. With the xlink, I still have two workspaces in the Solution, and I still have to switch between them for checkin's and such, so I'm not sure if that's making a difference or it's just that I'm using the Plastic client only for now. Guess I'll stick with the Plastic gui until I get some input here.

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