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Non-admins unable to create client-side triggers for cloud repos

Tom Clifton

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We are running in to some issues when setting up client-side triggers for repos on the plastic cloud server.

As an admin I am able to run the following command:

cm trigger create after-setselector "after-set-selector-trigger" "C:\Scripts\AfterSetSelector.bat" --server=Company@cloud

and that sets up a client side trigger just fine that works as expected.

However, when other members of the team who are not admins attempt to create the same trigger they receive the following error: 

You don't have permissions for operation mktrigger.

We have the permissions set up as below. The selected permissions is the group for the team members and I have attempted to override the mktrigger permission as well as leaving on the default (which has allowed ticked anyway).



Is there something that I am missing for the configuration setup? The above looks to me like it should be set up correctly. I haven't found any other relevant settings on the cloud dashboard that look like they would allow me to do this.


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Hi Tom,

Could you check the permissions of the server and see if something is denied there?

Also please check if this user is in both groups, in that case the permission needs to be allowed in both groups to work.

Can you share the permissions of those groups with us?



Unity Plastic SCM Support Team

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Hi Rafael,

Thanks for the quick response. So the issue was related to the server permissions - I modified the permissions for the repo (which is the screenshot i showed above) but didn't realise that the server itself also needed permissions set.

For anyone else curious that was the second permissions option in the context menu for the repo. Once I set that up it all worked fine for the other team members.



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