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Issue with Plastic SCM showing all ~17,000 project items in the Pending Changes


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I've recently gotten Plastic SCM for my Unity Project and I'm still trying to figure out all of the details. From looking at videos demonstrating Plastic, I notice that usually there are only a few items in the Pending Changes tab, the items that were changes by the User. In my project, every item in the project (~17,000 in total) appear in the Pending Changes tab. When I attempt to Checkin changes, I get an error message detailing conflicts relating to items in the same location on the server. If I click OK, the new post under Changesets will only show the objects that were actually added, moved or changed. I was wondering if there was a way I could just get my changed items to appear in the Pending Changes tab instead of every project item. I'll admit that I'm not very experienced with SCM software, and I've never handled Plastic before so my knowledge is next to none. I'll greatly appreciate any help I can get. I'll link two screenshots to give a better image on what my project is doing.


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Hi, I know this is a year late, but I was having a similar issue with tons of file changes each time I loaded the workspace.
What I found was that all the files in certain folders were not being ignored by plastic (I had moved some files from a local Unity project that likely replaced files in the repo).

For anyone in the future, look into "ignore.conf" and make sure that the files and foldernames in that file are set to private in plastic. Alternatively, add them to the ignore.conf and make them private (as of ver you can do this by right click deleting the file in the workspace viewer but selecting the option "Do not delete from disk").

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