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Workflow for binary (executable) files?


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I'm working on a relatively big team with Unreal Engine, but since there is no Unreal section on the forums I thought I'd ask here. The issue should be similar anyways.  

- We're doing branching for each task, which works mostly fine. 
- When doing a rebase, sometimes you get the changes to the .dll and .exe files that need to be merged in, then we have to rebuild them and merge back into the main branch.

Is there a better workflow? Like, a way for binary files to not be tracked by some people, but still be rebuilt on merge?
Our main issue using this is that the plugins folder in Unreal gets rebuilt and sometimes breaks things. So earlier on, we limited who can do plugin merges. Now the issue is of course, most people can't do the merges themselves because if there is a change in a plugin, it needs to be rebased by people who have that permission.  

Is there a way to rebase only some files?
Or a way for some people to track changes to the executable files while other people don't?  Artists need the latest executables, but programmers don't, since they rebuild them each time.

Just wondering if there is a better alternative. Thanks.

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Hey hello,

Sorry that I didn't notice this question and that nobody else answered you; I think that the reason is that your setup seems quite complexe / not sure I understand it fully.

For the record, I am the developer of the Unreal Engine plugin (which you can grab the latest version here https://github.com/PlasticSCM/UE4PlasticPlugin/releases)

  1. What are you submitting on the task branches?
    1. I assume, binary assets, and code
    2. In most studios people only submit text files their (code, config) because it's a hassle to switch branches with assets since the Unreal Editor doesn't handle branches
    3. Somehow, also dll/pdb/exe!? is this coming from the build system?
      1. You should probably prevent devs to submit these, and IMO the build system shouldn't submit them on branches either
  2. What do you mean with Rebase? Plastic SCM doens't handle rebase, right? Do you mean, merging the main branch into a task branch?

Sébastien Rombauts

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