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New to Plastic with Unreal, little noob question


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Hey everyone, new here. Quick minor question, I pretty much got Plastic SCM in my setup fine. I am just working solo on a project in UE5 with a local repository on my network drive. Before upgrading my actual project I been doing in Perforce, which I feel Plastic SCM for my uses is flowing better. I was wondering one thing. In testing I found if I move my HOME to a previous early revision. I don't appear to get an option in UE5 under source control to Sync to that revision. Only way I found to get my editor to gravitate to that is restarting it. Not sure if this is the proper route to do that, or if there is some setting I am missing that will allow my SYNC in source option to not be grayed out. Other than that, I been toying with branches, moving from spot to spot with no issues. I do notice that my uproject file after a restart ends up with a pending commit in Plastic SCM, which boggles me because I made all my commits prior to any restart but I am guessing that is it updating the main project file to previous changes before the restart? My guess lol.

Anyways, I know this is noob territory so any help is appreciated. I have long been just doing the Winrar backup per update route but I know at this point as deep as I am beginning to develop I will definitely require source control in there. So all this is new to me even though I have dabbled with Perforce slightly. Good work though on this, I feel so much more at ease in Plastic and honestly its fitting my way of developing much better than other options out there, so its my home for sure once I fully figure out the sync situation so I can easily bounce around ahead.

Thanks for anyone that clarifies this little part for me. Good to roll though outside of this, even if I do have to restart to switch back revisions.

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Yes, Unreal Engine won't reload the assets nor the current loaded level(s) (umap) if they get changed in the background by source control.

It will in fact even prevent source control to change them if they happen to have been opened and locked at the OS level by the Unreal Editor executable.


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