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How to leave an organization?


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Over the years using Unity Collab, and I've been added to many organizations using Unity Collab not owned by me (most of them from students that added me to check their project or some freelance work).

When all the Collab to Plastic happened I suddenly got a lot of organizations on my Dashboard / Cloud, not owned by me, and from old projects I don't care anymore, and also I'm not sure I can contact the owner to ask them to remove me.

So how can I voluntarily leave such organizations?

I'm not being billed for those so I can't "cancel" my subscription.

And I see no option to leave the project / organization.


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On 9/9/2022 at 12:17 PM, blue said:

Hi @eldaville,

Please reach out to the admin of the cloud organization to be removed.

If you cannot reach out to the owner of the cloud organization, please open a support ticket with Plastic SCM support team.

Ok, thanks for reply.

I'll contact support then... because I don't have a way to contact the multiple owners.

If you can suggest to the Dev team to add this feature so each individual can leave an organization without bothering support that would be great.

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