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Ubuntu 14.04 license issue


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I ran configureserver and loaded our license file.  So in the configure server dialog it says:


License (Enterprise Edition)

Perpetual license: 1 user(s)


Restarted the server:

root@abc44:/opt/plasticscm5/server# ./plasticd restart

However, in the client it still says:

Your trial lecense expires in 4 day(s).


I should add that this is the Plastic-X11 client and this was on a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04 DT

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Try to stop the server before touching the license file, and make sure you're downloading the correct one (and not a extended trial, which I downloaded for the first time facing the same issue :P). First remove /opt/plasticscm5/server/plasticd.lic and then copy the downloaded lic. 

sudo plasticsd stop
sudo rm /opt/plasticscm5/plasticd.lic
sudo rm /opt/plasticscm5/plasticd.token.lic
sudo cp /<···>/plasticd.lic .
sudo plasticsd start

Configure your client again if you want (just in case...?) and see what the following command says.

cm li
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