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Workspace organization


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I'm evaluating PlasticSCM and have some questions: Can you advise me how to organize workspace(s)?

I have Delphi project that have 2 applications and both use common database. Directory tree is like:






In /common_source is code that are used in both applications.

What is your suggestion about organize workspaces? Is it better to put every file into one workspace and separate projects with branches/labels/... or make separate workspaces for each application?

I'm new in SCM and will be thankfull for your advise!

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I think that the best choice would be creating only one workspace in the project root folder. In you case "/project".

Using PlasticSCM the usual thing is creating only one workspace that will contain every controlled item incluing source code, libraries, even documentation. Using this structure, you can download the whole project from other computer by simply creating a new workspace in that computer and doing an update operation.

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