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Listing private files and elements with the object specification


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it seems that cm ls command is not working properly for the workspace private files:

$ cm ls default/

0 28.02.2007 12:54 dir br:/main#0 .

777 28.02.2007 12:58 bin br:/main#CO CO pl.log

777 28.02.2007 12:58 File Private pl.log~

$ cm ls default/pl.log~

Item c:\Temp\tanya_ws\default\pl.log~ not found

And I also fail to list a particular element version using the branch and revision specification:

$ cm ls default/pl.log

777 28.02.2007 12:54 bin br:/main#0 pl.log

$ cm ls default/pl.log#br:/main#0

Error: The given path's format is not supported.

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By now, you cannot list private directories or files using cm ls command. Instead, you can use 'dir' or 'ls' OS commands, because PlasticSCM doesn't have any relevant information about private files or directories.

Regarding 'cm ls' using branch or revision specifications, let me tell you that cm ls command only accepts filesystem paths.

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