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Test connection is error


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I read this article: TeamCity

When I click on TEST CONNECTION I've received next message: Plastic SCM client is not correctly configured for current user: Client config file C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\plastic\client.conf not found. Please, execute 'clconfigureclient' to perform a text mode configuration or 'plastic --configure' for graphical mode.

But I have client.conf on this directory. What's problem?

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Hi Sanya,

Thats because the teamcity is using the system account, in that article we recommended to use another account with the Teamcity. However, try this, copy client.conf into the ..\plasticscm\client directory and try again.


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Just something that caught my eyes...

The article mentions:

2. (Windows systems only) The plugin performs Plastic SCM commands with the user identity of the TeamCity Build Agent Service.

I think that is not quite correct. Since Plastic SCM is a server-side TeamCity SCM plugin it will run under the account of the TeamCity Web Server and not under the account of the TeamCity Build Agent. The TeamCity Web Server does all the CM commands like checkout, etc.

So be sure that you configured TeamCity Web Server to run under a local user account and configure Plastic SCM client for that account.


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