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Project binding problems with VS2010


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My colleague has a lot of periodic problems with his Plastic VS2010 plugin.

A typical example is this:

The binding list (file -> Plastic -> Change source control) shows binding to all project (also after refresh button has been pressed), but the solution explorer shows no binding to the solution itself, but bindings to some project. Right-clicking the solution there is a plastic context-menu, but refreshing doesn't change anything.

Right-clicking one of the projects, that are marked as being source controlled, displays no context-menu.

Some items also have a "plus" in front of them, though they appear is version controlled and not checked out in the item list in the Plastic standalone GUI.




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HI Soho,

are you using solution folders? I really suspect that this is the cause to the many issues your facing with the plugin, would be possible for you tto avoid using these virtual folders and see how the behavior of the plugin?



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