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We are in the midst of a transition from FogBugz to TargetProcess. I' have two questions how can I create a TargetProcess integration for PlasticSCM and would it be possible to have that integration reference the FB as well.

We currently use FB for FogBugz and TP for TargetProcess could my integration look at the title and if it was FB call the existing add-in and if was TP do the work to return the title and information needed.

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hi Wise,

maybe what you are asking for is some kind of an API, we answered similar threads at http://www.plasticscm.net/index.php?/topic/515-pivotal-tracker/

A simple API code, but I believe enough to have you started doing your own integration!

In the future we plan to have a public API, it is on our table, but the lunch of the big version 4.0 is the focus now.



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