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I'm presently evaluating your product, wich seems very good. One main step I have to go through during the eval is to import our present VSS base.

The import process went with no errors. Problem is after import, in the Plastic SCM, the only items under revision control is the directory structure, the files are in the tree but in "private" mode, so there is no history attatched to them, no revisions.

Do you have any ideas of what could have gone wrong ? What could I look for to diagnosticate the problem ?



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Hi Nic,

Yes, if you don't specify a mapping for each VSS user to a PlasticSCM user, the import can't be completed, because the import process needs to know this mapping in order to create the PlasticSCM revisions.

If they hadn't been mapped, the command line importer should have shown the following message:

Users verification... Done

The following users are not recognized by Plastic SCM. They have to be mapped.



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