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  1. It's not happening every time. But happened at least three times during this sprint. Another thing I would like to add, but I don't know if it's related: Sometimes I had problems with the file permissions changed when trying to checkin a file or undo changes. Plastic displayed a message saying something about the file permissions. This was happening at the same time as the problem I described earlier. My company uses the gitlab ( https://about.gitlab.com/ ) as the git central repo.
  2. If I may, I guess that the problem here happened when we were working on the same branch on git. I guess that, in some cases, Plastic is "misreading" the changeset. I've worked on "branch per task" using BitBucket and did not have this issue.
  3. Hi Carlos! I'm afraid that I can't allow the access to the internal git repo. How can I export the erratic git commit? Can you give me some guidance on how to do it?
  4. Well... There's seems to have a very strange bug. I reimported the repo on plastic and the delete operation was gone: But after another merge, the same thing happened again. There are some delete not performed on Git side: How can I help you on this issue? Here is the same commit operation on git:
  5. Hi! I'm having a very strange problem. A co-worker performed a merge operation on the "git side of the force" and on his merge he's not doing any delete: After I performed my gitsync, Plastic is identifying a delete operation: These operations never happened. What do I do? I can't "undo" the delete operation on a merge. I don't want to "undo" all his work. Please, help! Thanks!
  6. Hi! Long time since I've posted something here! Right now I really would like to thank you for your effort. I've updated my Plastic to the version and you guys rock!! Really thank you for the sintax highlight on the diff window to several languages! I tried to see the diff of a .csproj file and got completely speechless! Keep up the good job!! PS: You should bring back the old community edition license! It's quite hard to make anyone to even take a look at the Plastic when there's only "paid" versions.
  7. I'll try to reproduce the problem! What configs should I set into logging to be able to give you the "best resource possible" in case the issue happens again?
  8. Well... I've successfully imported the repo. I've tried to run the import process again and it worked. Can I trust that the repo is fuly "synced" and work without problems?!
  9. Hummm... The importing process had an error but it seems that, even so, it imported some commits. Take a look:
  10. Hi there! Long time no see! I was trying to import a repo from git and trying to get my way back to plastic as a git client while we don't have a Cloud host for plastic But I had an strange issue, never saw this message before... Here's the print. The author of the commit is working on Windows 8.1 as I'm, which makes the error message a little bit strange. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi there! I'm trying to update my license file but the last license that appears on the site is the already finished period. How can I "renew" my license? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi SilverKnight! Well, I'm waiting for the answers too! But, at least for the blame part, I guess that it will not be a problem. I guess that Plastic handles multiple configurations without problem and the history will be fine. I use the local account at home and at work I use my username/password configuration and I'm still able to sync (using GitSync) without problems... The history goes with me everywhere. I must say those limitations can be a problem when advertising Plastic to the world... :|
  13. Hi Manu! I was really concerned about the naming strategy.. hehe Last time I used Plastic, I've had some problems on this specific subject. Git fans were all crazy with the naming after the syncs were done... I've just tried to perform a sync on my current project and I've found some strange behavior. First, as gitflow states, the "feature branches" are deleted after the feature is ready, then we merge back to the "develop" one. I really don't like that, but I don't set the rules and the team prefer this way... I'm having a quite strange situation on a "dual head" scenario as you can
  14. Hi! In my workplace we are trying a new workflow using Git and, as always, I'm pretty happy using my Plastic SCM. But when syncing, the branch's name goes "wild". Are you planning supporting gitflow? Here is some text about the topic: http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ Thanks in advance!
  15. Yes, I also noticed that! I check the download page almost every couple days... hehehe
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