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  1. In that case, you can use the subtractive merge operation: https://www.ylasticscm.com/book/#_removing_changes_subtractive_merge Regards, Carlos.
  2. We just released a new feature so if somebody deletes/renames the branch you are working, you can still undo your local changes so your workspace is not broken anymore: [Bug] All platforms - Plastic, Gluon: We improved the behavior when you have local changes and the changeset loaded in your workspace is deleted by a different user. Before these improvements, this meant that you got stuck: at that point you were unable to checkin, shelve or undo your local changes. We modified the client behavior to enable you to undo your local changes, letting you out of that loophole. Shelving or checking them in will still be unavailable, as they wouldn't have a parent changeset. The 'undo' behavior will be slightly different depending on the client you use: Gluon will always allow you to undo the local changes. If the original contents aren't available anymore, the head contents of the current branch will be used instead. Plastic, on the other hand, will notify you about the inconsistency and then ask you for confirmation to undo all your local changes and update the current workspace. Regards, Carlos.
  3. Plastic allows to configure your favorite external merge tool: Kdiff3,... You can if in the "Prefereces" panel --> "Merge tools". In the following link we explain the features of our built-in text diff and 3-way merge tool. Your feedback is welcome: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/xmerge Regards, Carlos.
  4. Hi Joel, In this blog post, we provided a solution for distributed locks but let me explain you why this is not good at all: - If you follow this workflow, and you checkout an item, then if your coworker tries to checkout the same item, they will have a message alerting that the items is locked by you. So far do good. - When you checkin your changes, you coworker will be able to checkout the item is his local repo. Them problem is you cannot be sure that your coworker has previouly pulled your branch so they may not be working with the last item version. So technically they will be able to locally lock the item and commit the changes. But as soon as they try to push their changes to the central repo, they will figure out that they were not working with the last version and they will need to resolve a conflict. NOTE: It's in our roadmap to fully support distributed locks but for now our recommendation is following a centralized workflow if you need to use locks. Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hello, We have a sync server trigger but I'm afraid triggers are not supported in the cloud. It would only work in your local server. https://github.com/PlasticSCM/syncservertrigger We also have a tool called CmdRunner that I think will be help ful. Please check the "Handling different servers: The replicator" section. https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cmdrunner/plastic-scm-version-control-cmdrunner-guide#Handlingdifferentservers:Thereplicator Regards, Carlos.
  6. If we don't use the base contributor all the merges will be manual (not automatic merges). In the following guide we explain the advantages of 3 way merge (source, base and destination) vs 2 way merge (source and destination): https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/advanced-version-control-guide Regards, Carlos.
  7. Could you also attach the "plastic.debug.log.txt"? The stack trace and the detailed log may give us some more clues. Do you have installed NET 4.5.1 in your machine? Does the machine use any specific culture/language that may be using a different calendar? Regards, Carlos.
  8. Could you manually remove the current workspace (via GUI or manually removing the ".plastic" folder) and try to create a new workspace via the Unity plugin? Before removing the workspace, check that you don't have pending to commit changes. We don't need to remove the workspace content, but just the ".plastic" folder. Regards, Carlos.
  9. Let me share your feedback with the team. Hopefully we can provide a solution in the near future. Regards, Carlos.
  10. Hi, You can also use the "cm replicate" command to just replicate the specific branch. If you are using the sync view, you can play with the text filter and the exclusing all the branches you don't want to sync. For excluding the branches, you should be able to also manually edit the configuration file (instead of doing it via GUI). Not sure if it helps. Regards, Carlos.
  11. Hi, - Are you using WIndows? What is the specific Unity version?- Are you opening Unity via the Unity Hub? In that case, could you check if the issue is reproducible when not opening Unity via Unity Hub?- Could you check if the plugin files are still there? C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Data\Tools\VersionControl\PlasticSCMPlugin.exe C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\PlasticSCMPlugin.exe Also, let's review the permissions for both paths to be open so they can connect to each other. The error "PlasticSCM not installed" makes me think that one plugin side is not able to reach the other for some reason.Best regards,Carlos.
  12. Hi, What operating system are you using? Wew haven't been reported this issue before. I think it should be something specific from your environment. Could you also attach the Plastic client log? Regards, Carlos.
  13. Hi, I'm afraid you cannot remove a changeset if it's the parent of other changeset. I the duplicated changesets where merged to s different branch it makes more difficult to remove them. You need to start removing from the last. In the attached screenshot, you can only remove the changeset that is not the parent of any other changeset: Regards, Carlos.
  14. I'm afraid it's not available for Plastic Cloud but it's on our roadmap to support it. You can also install a hosted Plastic server (that is a clone of the cloud one) only for Unity Cloud build purposes. The setup is a bit more complicated but it may also work for you. Regards, Carlos.
  15. Hi, - Is it clear why this duplicated history happend? If it's not fully clear, we can spend time reviewing it to be sure it won't happen again. - Once the history is duplicated, your can try to manually remove all the duplicated changesets (assuming you don't have a backup or a local repo replicated with the original content). If you are getting this error is because the changeset you are trying to remove is the parent of other changeset. If this changeset was merged, you need to remove first the merge result changeset. Only is possible to remvoe a changeset in Plastic if there is not other changeset linked to in it afterwards. Regards, Carlos.
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