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  1. Hi, Are you checkin your changes directly to the cloud or using a local repo? If it's a local repo, restarting your Plastic local server (Windows Services --> Plastic Server 6) will release the lock. Plastic locks some objects for different operations, the lock usually takes milliseconds to be released and I'm not sure why this was is not released. It could be an operation that was killed in a not controlled way. This message could also appear if there's another replication going on and you have to wait until it finishes. Regards, Carlos.
  2. Hi Sam, If you are a customer, please always reach us at support@codicesoftware.com for a faster answer. There shouldn't be cached information in the GUI client after restarting it. If you drive to preferences, are you able to "check connection" with no issues? Are you configuring your client entering the server name (or IP)? Could you send to our support email your client log? C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\plastic4\logs\plastic,debug.log.txt If you re-enter the line in your client host file, doesn't it help? Regards, Carlos.
  3. What is the Jenkins version you are using? It may be broken in the last version and we can run some tests. Otherwise, it is something related to your specific environment. You mentioned that you are working with Pipelines and Jenkins for Linux, right? Maybe also using an external build node? Could you attach some screenshots of your Jenkins settings and configuration so we can try to reproduce? Regards, Carlos.
  4. Could you explain to us the details of why do you need to hide the assets to some users? I think it's not a very common scenario and we would like to fully understand it Regards, Carlos.
  5. Please check the last message here: https://github.com/jenkinsci/plasticscm-plugin/issues/8 Is this your first build? If you create a few changesets in the branch, is the issue reproducible? Regards, Carlos.
  6. Are you using Jenkins pipelines? You may be affected by this bug: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-42971 Regards, Carlos.
  7. This is the workspace selector format. You can open a console in any if your workspaces and run the following command: cm showselector --help Regards, Carlos.
  8. Hi, sorry it's not clear in the documentation. You can copy the selector from any of your workspaces. Let me show you some examples: repository "default@localhost:8087" path "/" label "v1.0" repository "default@localhost:8087" path "/" smartbranch "/main" changeset "11" Regards, Carlos.
  9. Hi, sorry for the delay, there may be a compatibility issue with the last Trac version. We will run some tests to try to debug the issue. Regards, Carlos.
  10. Hi, good new because we have just released the following task! [New] (all platforms): Some users reported that they got stuck when a merge was started and it was not finished. We added a help case to detect this situation and help the user to continue the merge, or undo (and cancel the merge in progress). Regards, Carlos.
  11. And can you confirm that this IP in the error belongs to the Plastic server, right? If you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com, we can arrange a gotomeeting session to debug the issue with you. Regards, Carlos.
  12. Hi, - Regarding the error, we are already handling it via support ticket. We will update this thread with all the details when we figure out the problem. - Regarding the feature request, it's the same you are commenting here, right? We can continue reviewing it in this other thread. - If you open the "Branch Explorer" view, you can navigate through the different changesets of the branch and then run a diff for any of them in order to see the different files modified in this changeset. You can also open a diff panel from the "Branches" view or also from the "Changesets" view. Please let us know if you still miss something. Regards, Carlos.
  13. Thanks for the update and sorry for the inconveniences!
  14. Hi, I can see you a configuring your client with the server name and then the branch explorer query is trying to reach the server IP. I guess this IP belongs to the server and it's reachable. If you open a console and run "cm lrep", can you list the repos? If you create a new workspace for this repo and then open the branch explorer, does the issue persist? Regards, Carlos.
  15. In the previous comments, the user seemed to have switched to different branches with pending changes, but I guess this is not your case, right? I guess you can't checkin because the merge hasn't been fully processed. If you try to re-run the merge again from the branch explorer, aren't still some merge conflicts to process? Not sure about your time zone, but if you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com, we can arrange a meeting to take a look with you. Regards, Carlos.
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