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  1. Hi, I'm afraid the behavior is the same for cloud or local repos. Regards, Carlos.
  2. Hi, I'm afraid the history of a Plastic repo cannot be re-written. Actually, there is a workaround but not very comfortable: backup the last checked in files, remove the last changeset in the repo, apply the saved files in your workspace and finally perform a checkin but this time including all your pending changes. Regards, Carlos.
  3. Hi, Gluon uses partial workspaces. The workspace can load files from different changesets and you will need to resolve a merge conflict only if the same file you are editing has a new revision on the branch. If you re using locks, it should never happen. In a regular Plastic workspace, the basic unit is the changeset. So when you run a merge, you are merging the full changeset not individual files. By the way, what is your Plastic Client version? Are you using the "Incoming Changes" view? Regards, Carlos.
  4. Hi, Why is it taking so long to upload every checkin? Do you consider using local repos instead (distributed workflow)? I guess you don't because you also use file locks. This proposal fits with performing the checkin to a task branch so no conflicts are created and then you can merge the task branch into the main one. This is the workflow if you use Gluon (partial workspace). But I guess you are using Plastic GUI, right? Because I think using partial workspaces may help. Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hello, This is from our new GUIs muckups: I think it fits with your feedback, right? Regards, Carlos.
  6. Hi @Anton, I'm afraid I cannot reproduce the issue following your steps with the last Plastic version. Could you attach the fast-export package (or send us via private message) of the issued repo so we can try to reproduce the issue? Regards, Carlos.
  7. Hi, Can you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com. I think it will be faster to arrange a meeting to review your setup and fix all the problems. Regards, Carlos.
  8. Hi, It will be available in the next public release. Please cehck our release notes Regards, Carlos.
  9. Hi, Plastic allows to create connection profiles so the same Plastic client is able to connect to multiple servers. Once the connection profile is created, you can create workspace pointing to both severs. In order to create the connection profiles, please use the Plastic GUI: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/gui/plastic-scm-version-control-gui-guide#TheConnecionProfilesTab The connection profiles will be taken into account also when you try to create a workspace in Gluon. Regards, Carlos.
  10. Hi, - I think we should try understand why you cannot use your original cloud organization. I think it doesn't makes sense to have two organization for your personal development. What is the problem you are having when logging with your Unity ID? Even with that, you can invite your new user to the same original cloud organiaztion (instead of creting a enw cloud organization). - On the other hand, it seems to be a problem with one of the cloud organiaztions when cponfiguring the replica. Are both recently created organizations? - Are you a paying customer or are you evaluati
  11. Hi, This is not related to the Plastic triggers. It's a feature that allows to open code review via a link. Regards, Carlos.
  12. Hi, Regarding the plasticlinks feature: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/ We are about to release support also for code reviews. It should be available in just a few days/weeks Regards, Carlos.
  13. Hi, I just shared with the team and we are working on a more user friendly way to distribute the plugin for macOS. Hopefully we have good new soon. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  14. Hi, The cloud service uses plasticscm.com users for authentication. You can check in the following page the status of the different cloud datacenters and also plasticscm.com: https://status.cloud.unity3d.com/ We haven't had issues for a long time but sorry for the inconveniences again. Carlos.
  15. Hi, The www.plasticscm.com web was down for a few minutes. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
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