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  1. Hi, Sorry this error message is confusing. The Plastic client is trying to reach the webadmin and it doesn't exist on a cloud server. Plastic Cloud is using www.plasticscm.com accounts to manage the users. In order to invite a user to your cloud organization, it has to be already registered. Then, every user can change their password also from their account at www.plasticscm.com Regards, Carlos.
  2. Hi, The branch explorer date filter is showing by default the data from the last month. But you can enter a custom date filter and it should be remembered the next time you open it. What improvoment would you like? Regards, Carlos.
  3. In order to run a GitSync or any operation with a Plastic repo, the user needs to be registered and invited in your cloud organization. They can run the sync via Plastic GUI (sync with git) or via console "cm sync --help". They will need to know the repo name and they will need to be existing users in your cloud organization. I think the security guide may be useful for you: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/security/plastic-scm-version-control-security-guide Regards, Carlos.
  4. Yes, you can confiure your permissions the same way via Plastic GUI for your cloud repos. We don't support the two-factor authentication but you can generate a token and then use it as a GitSync password.In GitHub, you have to drive to "Settings -> Developers -> Personal Access Tokens (https://github.com/settings/tokens)".Then you click on "Generate new token" (https://github.com/settings/tokens/new". You can enter a description and enable the following options:"repo" (_Full control of private repositories_) and "user:email" (_Access user email addresses (read-only)_).Once you generate the token, you can enter it in Plastic when running GitSync in the password field. Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi, Does the last answer of the following thread could also explain your problem? Regards, Carlos.
  6. Hi, I think they key is you are using Linux. The ADWorking mode is not supported on Linux. Is your server Windows or Linux? Could you attach your "server.conf" file? If your server is using AD mode, you may need to configure your client to use LDAP (entering your user and password). You can configure your client with the next command: clconfigureclient --language=en --workingmode=LDAPWorkingMode --LDAPuser=juan --LDAPpassword=01234 --plasticserver=MYSERVER --plasticserverport=8087 If you are paying customer you can also reach us via support@codicesoftware.com and we will even arrange a meeting if the issue persists. Regards, Carlos.
  7. I've run a test and actually the "cm clone" command is creating the destination repo if it still doesn't exist. Regards, Carlos.
  8. Hi, - The Plastic replica works between two Plastic repos. So you will need to create a clean new repo if you want to clone from a remote one. You can handle everything via command line: cm mkrep repo@cloud cm clone repo@organziation@cloud repo@local Regards, Carlos.
  9. Hi Will, I can see you also opened a support ticket. We are working on it. Regards, Carlos.
  10. Ok, thanks for sharing this detailed information. In order to reproduce the issue, we need to use 2019.4.9 and then just install the two packages taht you mention above? Regards, Carlos.
  11. Hi, It seems this library is trying to be loaded from two locations. Removing any of them should help. But, is this "Lidiq Bolt" somthing included in your current Unity version or something external you have installed? Regards, Carlos.
  12. Hi, The local repos in Plastic Cloud edition are stored by default at: C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM\server\jet Regards, Carlos.
  13. Hi, - If you are using the new plugin the diff is run from the "Pending changes" view. This is video explaining the main features. It should be helpful: - If you are using "Diff agains head" from the project menĂș you are still using the old plugin (it's not a problem use both at the same time). Regards, Carlos. R
  14. Hi, You should be able to use the following to show the branch name: cm log cs:1 --csFormat="#{changesetid}:{newline}\"{comment}\"{newline} {branch}" Reghards, Carlos.
  15. uff, ok. Very weird. Please keep us posted. Regards, Carlos.
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