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  1. There is a trap in Plastic, which should have a distinctive warning in my opinion: When switching branch, Plastic asks: You are changing your workspace configuration. Continue? This confirmation looks the same both in case it is the same repository as the current one or a different one. Even though these two cases are quite different from the user point of view. I believe that switching to a different repository should have a specific (more expressive) warning. (Maybe the owl can explain what is going on.) Several of my colleagues have run to this trap already. They switched they workspace to a different repository by mistake and they were super confused. Steps to reproduce: Open Repositories view Choose View branches or View Branch Explorer on a different repository than the one loaded in the current workspace Choose Switch workspace to this branch on any branch there. I admit that it is more likely in our environment as we have two repositories with similar branches and we have a button in our custom issue tracker which opens Branches with an issue branch independently on the current workspace.
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