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  1. Hi, We may need to arrange a GoToMeeting session to debug the issue. The key is understanding why the conflicts determined by Plastic doesn't fit with what you see in the different merge contributors. You can reach us at support@codicesoftware.com Regards, Carlos.
  2. calbzam

    Prefabs missing

    Ok, let me understand the issue. You switch your workspace from the branch explorer to a specific branch but some files are not downloaded? Switch to the same branch in a different machine, are the files downloaded? Regards, Carlos.
  3. Hello, Please give a try to the following workaround, and let us know if it worked.The errors are due to a missing icon in your current GTK icon theme (as the error messages say). One workaround is trying to install a new theme, we can also try to change the icon theme using the gtkrc-2.0 configuration file.1) Navigate to /usr/share/icons2) List the directory content. For me, the content of /usr/share/icons is:Adawaita, HighContrast, Humanity, Humanity-Dark, LoginIcons, default, hicolor, locolor, ubuntu-mono-dark and ubuntu-mono-light.3) Create a file in your $HOME with name .gtkrc-2.0 and the following content:gtk-icon-theme-name="Humanity"If you don't like the Humanity icon theme, or you don't have it available, you can choose other theme changing "Humanity" for any of the icon themes you have in /usr/share/icons.4) Save the contents of .gtkrc-2.0 and restart gtkplastic. Change the theme if the error persists. Regards, Carlos.
  4. Ok, sorry. If the artist is using Plastic GUI, if he/she opens the branch explorer --> browse repository in this changeset --> select the file --> Save revisions as. Are you able to save the file revision in your disk? If a different artist from a different workspace runs the same update, are you reproducing the issue? Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi, If the artist, is using Gluon, they can customize the files to download via the "configure" button. If a file/folder is not configured, it won't be downloaded when you run an update. Please review in the "configure" panel if the file appears to be configured and if after selecting the file, the artists is able to download it. I guess other artists/developers are not affected, right? I mean they all can download this file. Regards, Carlos.
  6. calbzam


    Could you attach the Plastic client log? C:\Users\carlos\AppData\Local\plastic4\logs\plastic.debug.log.txt If you rename the "plastic4" folder and reconfigure the Plastic client, does the issue persist? Regards, Carlos.
  7. Could you attach the full client logs for the user having the issue (and if possible a user not having the issue)? (you can also send it to support@codicesoftware.com). I guess there is not an external tool (antivirus...) removing the content of this folder, right? It's a bit weird that the issue is only happening to one user in your team (I guess you are using, the same Plastic server, connecting to the same server...). The user who faces the issue could create a local "ignore.conf" in the workspace so you don' t need to commit the file to the repo. Regards, Carlos.
  8. Hi, Are you using the cloud? In that case: "issuetrackers/organization@cloud/myrepo". Yes, you export multiple independent repos or "allrepos". I attach the template "jira.conf". Regards, Carlos. jira.conf
  9. Hello, This is a false positive. We already reported it to Microsoft and they concluded that it's not actually malware. We will double-check it because it shouldn't be happening now. Sorry or the inconveniences, Carlos.
  10. calbzam

    Shared libraries

    Hi, Are you aware of the Xlinks feature? https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/xlinks/plastic-scm-version-control-xlinks-guide I think it fits very good with the scenario you are describing. If the libraries are shared between different projects, we have a blog post explaining this use case: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/08/how-to-share-engine-repository-between.html Regards, Carlos.
  11. HI. There is a parameter where you can configure it in the "C:\Users\carlos\AppData\Local\plastic4\guiclient.conf" fileeg: <RecentWorkspacesCount>10</RecentWorkspacesCount> Best regards,Carlos.
  12. Hi, There shouldn't be any problem upgrading to Plastic 8.0. The 5.4.16.X clients will be still compatible with the 8.0.16.X server. Anyway, we also recommend upgrading the clients. After upgrading, you can switch to Jet using the web admin panel. You can more details regarding Jet in the following link: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#HowtobackupandrestoretheJetbackend Do you have a license supporting Plastic 8.0, right? If you have more questions, please let us know. Regards, Carlos.
  13. I think something like the following would also work: cm find review where id=123 --format={comment} We need to add "comment" as an output option. We would appreciate if you also add the request to our user voice system: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com
  14. Great! Thanks for the update.
  15. Hi Andrew, I'm afraid that distributed locks for the cloud is not supported. It's in our roadmap to include it (we have some good ideas) but I'm afraid this feature is not still scheduled. All you feedback is very welcome. If you want to use locks (I guess with Gluon?), we recommend you to follow a centralized workflow pointing your workspaces directly to the central server. Regards, Carlos.
  16. Hi, I can see the following error in the log: "The specified repository couldn't be found: Passpartout PC". The GUI is still querying the removed repo. I guess the workspace is not poin ting to this repo anymore, right? There should be any view or configuration trying to reach this removed repo. Not Xlinks? If I properly understand, the issue is not happening at the moment. Regards, Carlos.
  17. Hi @Mikael Kalms, the issue should be already fixed in your dashboard. Regards, Carlos.
  18. Hi, Making a bit longer the left panel, the GUI seems to be at least usable. Could check if it helps? Regards, Carlos.
  19. Could you let us some more details of your workflow? Do you have multiple developers working on the same branch? I guess you are using Plastic GUI instead of Gluon? Regards, Carlos.
  20. Hi, I'm afraid the update-merge operation is not available if using cloaked rules: "Update-merge" is described as follows: If changes in the range [12-16] do not collide with the changes the developer made based on "11", then Plastic is able to do the following: it will download the new changes (not setting them as checked-out) and will effectively make the "checkouts on the workspace" depend on cset "16" instead of "11": It is important to highlight that this will only happen if the changes in [12-16] DO NOT collide with the changes the developer made based on "11", otherwise a regular merge will be launched. Now: there's a caveat to this behavior -> we do not let the update-merge run if there are cloaked rules in the workspace. We added a stronger restriction on release BL578. So, from BL578 update-merge doesn't work if there are cloaked rules in the workspace. Regards, Carlos.
  21. Hi, Plastic doesn't have specific pluginfor this tool but it will track all your changes thanks to the transparent scm feature: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/transparent-scm Plastic SCM detects all the actions you did and displays them together so you can quickly check them in and get back to coding. If you are working with binary files, we recommend you to follow the lock (exclusive checkout workflow) and using Gluon. This way, you will avoid conflicts with files that are not mergeable and you will keep the workflow very simple (Gluon is a very easy to use tool). https://www.plasticscm.com/gluon You can book a free training session with us in the following link to give you some more workflow recommendations and help you with the setup: https://calendly.com/codicesupport/60min Regards, Carlos.
  22. Yes, I'm afraid at the moment "comment "is not available in the format field. We could include it as a feature request. Regards, Carlos.
  23. If not moving the ".plastic" folder, you are not actually moving the workspace but creating a new one on a different location. But as you are moving the workspace content, it won't need to be downloaded again (only the workspace metadata is recreated in the new path). The proper way to move a workspace is via command (not manually). cm cwk --help But the user reported a problem with this command so we were trying to find a workaround. Regards, Carlos.
  24. Great! Thanks for the update. From the server web admin panel so you should be able to reset the repository server owner so you can recover if deny the permissions to ALL_USERS by mistake. Regards, Carlos.
  25. Hi, The problem may be that you need to re-run the merge operation from the "branch explorer" view in order top finish solving the merge conflicts and only at this point to you will be able to checkin your changes. If you do not find a workaround, please reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and we could arrange a GoToMeeting with you. Regards, Carlos.
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