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  1. Hi, If you don't have any local configuration you want to keep, probably the easiest solution is uninstalling Plastic and remove the local configuration so you can install Plastic Cloud edition from scratch: c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\ C:\Users\<YourUser>\AppData\Local\plastic4 Does it help? Regards, Carlos.
  2. Hi, If properly understand you would like to create some code review triggers for notifications and you are guessing if the mergebot plugs can be used for that purpose? If you re using a Plastic Cloud organization, you can create custom triggers in the web panel for notifications in Slack and Discord. Doesn't it help? Regards, Carlos.
  3. Hi, The working copy (Plastic workspace) is not related to the server (the reposistory databases are stored in the server side). But you can have the Plastic server and also the workspace (Plastic client) in the same machine. https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/user/plastic-scm-version-control-introduction-guide#Repositories Regards, Carlos.
  4. Hi, I'm guessing if the following path may also work: https://blog.plasticscm.com/2019/01/fully-automated-plastic-scm-setup-on-raspberry-pi.html But using an old Plastic server that you won't be able to upgrade not sure if it's a good idea. Don't you have any other machine where you can install the server (even your WIndows machine)? Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi, - I double-checked with the team. Raspberry uses an ARM64 architecture and I'm afraid the last Plastic server version is not compatible with it. - You need to install an Enterprise edition if you plan to use an on-premises server. If you are using our cloud infraestrcuture, use the Plastic Cloud edition installer instead. Regards, Carlos.
  6. Hi, What is the specific error you are having when installing Plastic on Ubuntu: https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013103159-How-to-Install-Plastic-GUI-in-Ubuntu-19-10-and-later- What is the Ubuntu version? Regards, Carlos.
  7. Hi, You nca use the subtractive merge operation to deintegrate theese two changesets: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/advanced-version-control-guide#subtractive-merge Regards, Carlos.
  8. Hi, Please reach us support@plasticscm.com and we can arrange a meeting to debug your scenario. From your last screenshot, the only thing I can guess is the source branch has more than one head and Plastic is not able to push it for that reason. Regards, Carlos.
  9. Hi, In order to install Plastic using unattended mode, you can use: PlasticSCM- --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui none --disable-components ideintegrations,eclipse,mylyn,intellij12 --enable-components server Them in order to upgrade the version, the easiest way is using the client .zip installer where you just need to overwrite the installation binaries with the last version: Regards, Carlos.
  10. Hi, Could you open a ticket at support@plasticscm.com? We will share this request with the team. Regards, Carlos.
  11. The problem is this branch has two heads anb you cannot sync a branch if it was more than one head. You need to merge the two heads and then you should be able to sync it. Regards, Carlos.
  12. Hi, The "Shift+O" is not any default Plastic SCM shortcut. Do you have defined any custom action like the following one?M shortcut. Regards, Carlos.
  13. Hi, Could you check the following the steps to enable source control? https://github.com/SRombauts/UE4PlasticPlugin Regards, Carlos.
  14. Hi Marco, You can download binaries for the last Plastic SCM version (NET Core server for Linux) in the following link: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/ Regards, Carlos.
  15. Hi, I'm afraid the only aproach in Gluon is using the configure rules to decide what items you want to download to your workspace. Regards, Carlos.
  16. Hi, If you drive to the branch explorer, right-click the "/main/Skeeball" branch --> Push/Pull --> Pull this branch, could you check if this way you can force pulling something? Otherwise, if you are paying customer you can reach us at support@plasticscm.com and we can arrange a meeting to debug it. Regards, Carlos.
  17. Hi, You should be able to query it via "cm find attribute": https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cmfind/plastic-scm-version-control-query-system-guide#Attributes Please check this link where we explain how to get the attributes for a specific branch. Regards, Carlos.
  18. Yes, the Plastic triggers are linked to a Plastic server (even if they are client side). Regards, Carlos.
  19. Hi, Have you deleted some changed in the local/cloud that could explain the conflict? If you create a sync view in the Plastic GUI, is it detecting any changeset pending to pull? Could you attach an screenshot of the specific error when pushing your branch via the sync view? Regards, Carlos.
  20. Hi. As you know Gluon by design has this functionality without the need of using a "cloaked.conf" file. You can configure your workspace to download the items you actually need. But I'm afraid it cannot be preconfigured via configuration file. I'm guessing if you could share your ".plastic/plastic.wktree" with a coworker, this was you can have the same configure rules predefined. But this workaround needs to be tested ( I'm afraid it's not officially supported). Regards, Carlos.
  21. Hi, You need to do the following: 1. Pull the cloud branch. 2. Resolve the conflicts between the pulled branch and your local branch. You will need to run a merge to unify the two heads. 3. Push the local branch to the cloud. Regards, Carlos.
  22. Hi, I can make it work. Please use a very simple trigger for testing purposes. 1. Create a trigger: eg: cm mktrigger after-clientcheckin test C:\tmp\trigger.bat --server=PlasticSCMSupport@cloud Trigger created on position 1. 2. This is my trigger content and the output file to confirm it was run: Regards, Carlos.
  23. Hi, The task is available after You can now create client-side triggers for cloud repos. Regards, Carlos.
  24. I'm afraid this is the only way I can guess to get this output.
  25. Hi, I an run a similar command with no reported issues. Are you running it in the root of your workspace? cm xlink FolderName / 0@new@local c:\Users\albaz\wkspaces\default_11\FolderName --> xlink:FolderName:/@0@new@local Regards, Carlos.
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