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  1. What is your Plastic version? Are you using Plastic cloud edition? Are you using the Visual Studio package? Regards, Carlos.
  2. Hi, There shouldn't be any problem. Some of our bigger customers are using Linux servers and the clients are using Windows, macOS or Linux. The only problem I can guess is if some clients are using Linux and others using Windows related to the case sensitivity. For intsance, if you commit two folders on a Linux client "MyFolder" and "myfolder", you won't be able to download both to a Windows machine. Regards, Carlos.
  3. Windows is a case insensitive OS while macoS is case sensitive but it's difficult to know the character that is generating this error. The log is not showing it. We can connect with the user having the problem to try to find a workaround and determine the characters generating the issue. Regards, Carlos.
  4. If you create new changesets in the Xlinked repo, you will need to manually edit the Xlink target changeset to the last one before running the update. You don't have to run a "cm partial update" if you are using a regular workspace. You just need to edit the Xlink target and finally run a "cm update". If you want the Xlink target changeset to be automatically updated to the last, you can edit the library directly from the parent repository. This way, you won't need to manually update the Xlink target. In the following blog post, we explain how you can share a library (xlinked repo) between different projects. It may be useful in your environment: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/08/how-to-share-engine-repository-between.html Regards, Carlos.
  5. I guess you included some characters that are supported in macOS but not in Windows. Most probably, you won't face this error when running the same merge. Could you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com? We may need to arrange a GoToMeeting session. Regards, Carlos.
  6. Hi, If you open the branch explorer, are you able to determine the duplicated changesets? How many duplicated changesets are there? It may be difficult to remove all of them one by one :$ Don't you have repo backups? Also, I don't understand how this scenario could happen. For the GitSync operation, Plastic uses a local mappings folder. This way if a PlasticRepo1 is synced with GitRepo1 and then you try to sync the same repo against GitRepo2, Plastic doesn't allow it to prevent rewriting the history or duplicating changesets. Once you sync a Plastic repo with a Git repo, you cannot choose to sync a different one. Regards, Carlos.
  7. Hi, If you get duplicated items and the repo history is broken, I would remove this repo and perform a new clean gitsync to recover the right history. As soon as the Github history is ok, you should be able to sync to a new repo. Regards, Carlos.
  8. Could you attach the client logs to review them? C:\Users\carlos\AppData\Local\plastic4\logs\plastic.debug.log.txt Is your coworker try to checkin or running a merge (according to the screenshot)? The key thing here is to figure out the illegal characters so the issue is not happening in the future. Are you both working from a Windows machine? Regards, Carlos.
  9. Hi, There is an "after-replciationwrite" trigger you may use in this scenario: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/triggers/plastic-scm-version-control-triggers-guide#Replicationwrite You can include the gitsync command in this trigger. The trigger will be asynchronous so the push is not locked until the gitsync is finished. Regards, Carlos.
  10. Yes, we should find a solution for this scenario. We have internal tasks for both the ticket you are referring and also for the scenario I mention above so hopefully we will have good news soon. Regards, Carlos.
  11. Hi Fleer, - Note that the partial workspace structure is very different from a regular workspace so I don't recommend you to use "cm partial update" and "cm update" in the same workspace. If you want to use Gluon and Plastic GUI, please use independent workspaces for that purpose. - I'm running the following test: 1. I create some new changes inside an Xlink from my regular workspace. 2. In a different Gluon workspace I run "cm partial update MyXlink" and the new file revisions properly downloaded. Could you let us know the specific steps you are following? Also, remember if you directly create some new changeset in a Xlinked repo, the parent repo won't be automatically pointing to the last. You will need to manually edit the Xlink to point to this new changeset. But this behavior is the same doesn't matter if you are using a partial or regular workspace. Regards, Carlos.
  12. I've been having some issues to run the last Trac version for Windows. Are you using the Bitnami installer? https://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/BitNami Anyway, checking your error, the plugin may not be compatible with the last Trac version. Could you check if the following solution helps? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2482715/the-server-committed-a-protocol-violation-section-responsestatusline-error Regards, Carlos.
  13. @TheWhiteside you were able to fix the problem, right? Could you also include some update in this thread? Thanks, Carlos.
  14. Hi, We can arrange a GoToMeeting session with you to help with the setup. Please reach us at support@codicesoftware.com to schedule the meeting. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  15. Hi, Why don't you use the Plastic replica operation to keep both Plastic servers synced? https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/gui/plastic-scm-version-control-gui-guide#Chapter23:TheSynchronizationview You can also use our Plastic Cloud service so both servers can be connected and push/pull their changes to a central server; Making a backup of your Jet databases and then restore them in the other server should also work but I think is more prone to errors and you can't work in parallel in both servers. Regards, Carlos.
  16. Hi, - You don't need to do it branch by branch. You can use the sync view to push the pull repo content in one step: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/gui/plastic-scm-version-control-gui-guide#Chapter23:TheSynchronizationview - If using the command line, you can use our replikate tool: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2012/02/after-accidentally-cloning-sexy.html Regards, Carlos.
  17. Hi, - You need to do it branch by branch. You can use the sync view to push the pull repo content in one step: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/gui/plastic-scm-version-control-gui-guide#Chapter23:TheSynchronizationview - If using the command line, you can use our replikat tool: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2012/02/after-accidentally-cloning-sexy.html cm replicate /main@project1@remoteserver:8084 projectx@myserver:8084
  18. - Even using Netherlands, the checkin should work. Please update the thread when you perform your last tests. - The client logs can be found at: C:\Users\carlos\AppData\Local\plastic4\logs\plastic.debug.log.txt
  19. Hi, - Are you trying to upload data to a cloud repo, right? Could you attach your client log to evaluate the errors? This way, we can confirm if it's a network issue or not. The datacenter location is key in terms of performance. - A possibility is to perform a local commit (not directly to the cloud but to a local repository) and then push the branch to the cloud repository. This way you will need to connect to the network for pushing your changes but not for performing a checkin. - There is a setting that may be also useful in your case: Regards, Carlos.
  20. Hi, One question: if you are trying to move Plastic repos, why you are not using the regular Plastic replica for that purpose (or even moving the databases from one to the other). The fast-export issues are difficult to debug (the files are not easily editable) so I would like to know first if a different approach makes more sense. Regards, Carlos.
  21. We already have a task (not yet scheduled) to study and improve the behavior in my previous example. Anyway, it shouldn't be a common scenario and we may need to review your workflow in detail. It involves you to run a merge that includes paths cloaked in your workspace and also then run additional merge from another branch that also involves conflicts in this sale cloaked path. We can focus on one of your cases and determine if it's the same or a different one and how we can improve the workflow. In my previous example, the downloaded file is renamed to "name_conflict". Regards, Carlos.
  22. Hi, The "cm history --help" includes a "--format" flag to configure the output based on your needs. You can include the owner. Please check the command help for all the format options and some examples. Note: If a file was merged to "/main" but the merge didn't create a new revision for the file, the "cm hist" won't show any revision for this file in the "/main" branch. You can also take a look into the "2D revision history" view. It may be useful in your scenario. Regards, Carlos.
  23. Ok, so the internet is fast but when trying to download some data from the cloud (update operation), is it very slow? Where is your cloud data center located and where are you located? Could you run the following speed test for your data center location? http://www.azurespeed.com/Azure/Download You can also directly reach us at support@codicesoftware.com Regards, Carlos.
  24. Hi, this setting to increase the download pool size shouldn't be related to the error. This error message ("Cannot retrieve license information from the plastic SCM server.") appears when the client can't reach the server at the moment you open the GUI. Please drive to your Preferences panel and check if the "Check Connection" is working (also review that your credentials are correct). And if you are using Plastic Cloud edition, drive to the Windows services panel, and start the Plastic Server 6 service. This is a local server to host your local repos and it may be down. Regards, Carlos.
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