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  1. I also just ran into this. And it gave me a real headache. Until I switched off file move detection. Then, I could commit without any issues. Looks like the file move detection sometimes just doesn't really do the right thing and confuses itself.
  2. I currently need to isolate an issue and to do that, I need to move back and forth in history, i.e. I need to go to specific changesets. Obviously, this can be done via the branch explorer by right-clicking a changeset and using "Switch workspace to this changeset". The problem with this is that it only works when there are no pending changes. So I basically need to shelve relevant changes (of which I have a few), undo all changes, then switch to the desired changeset, then run some processing to get back to a state where I can actually create a build (that's project specific, obviously - but that's how this project is set up). Plastic has this nice feature to "Update workspace" to head. Is there a way to only advance a specific number of changesets with this? That would at least let me go forward in time conveniently. Or, what I'd actually need: Move forward and backwards one changeset at a time on the current branch. Is that possible?
  3. I have just downloaded PlasticSCM- via the update link from the PlasticSCM client (https://www.plasticscm.com/download/ but no matter what I try, Windows won't let me install this. Previous installations worked without a problem (I'm currently four versions behind, EDIT: I just double-checked with the installer and that still works without problem). Also, any other installers that I have tried worked without any issues. I have already tried disabling Windows smartscreen and redownloading the installer. I also tried running the installer as administrator but same result. The issue seems to be "Publisher: Unknown". In Properties / Digital Signatures it says "Name of signer: Codice Software SL" with a timestamp from April 21st. This is on Windows 10 Pro, 10.0.19042 Build 19042.
  4. Hi Carlos, thanks for getting back to me. I delete the file in the Unity editor and it's almost immediately recreated, essentially doing (almost) the same thing as when the system overwrites it - except it creates a cleaner version of the file. It may be that the Unity Plastic integration sends the "the file got deleted" to Plastic SCM, so one thing I could probably try is deleting the file via file explorer instead. There are quite few situations where you want to delete a whole folder with all its files, just to restore the whole thing with a new version, e.g. when updating Asset Store packages in the project. That's another case where deleting/recreating files in the version control system is complete nonsense and makes it impossible to properly track the changes that occurred in the update. I'm not aware of any cases where delete / recreate in version control is useful. Sunny regards, Jashan
  5. We have a file that gets automatically generated but of which we also need to track the changes (this is a specific case where the changes in the generated file are actually interesting). Usually, the file simply gets overwritten during recreation. But we found out that over time, this keeps stuff in the file that shouldn't be there. So we deleted and recreated it. Unfortunately, Plastic seems to try to be smart about this, recognizes that the file was deleted and recreated, and puts it into both, "Deleted items" and "Added and private items". Very unfortunately, the result is that we lose the history, which is the whole point of using version control for this file in first place. I have tried using cm mv to make Plastic understand that hey, I want continuity of this file but it complains that I can't move a file to itself, which I can agree with. So how can I make Plastic detect the actual changes in the file instead of deleting / recreating it and wiping the history? Btw, this is a text file and marked as such.
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