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Error: The file ... is not in sync with the changeset you are working on

Jashan Chittesh

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I'm getting a very annoying error when merging to a specific branch: I have double-checked (several times) that the workspace is clean, i.e. there are no changes on the workspace before starting the merge. That particular file behaves normally when I apply changes, i.e. I can make changes to the file, undo those changes. There are no changes on that file compared to the changeset that I'm working on (or at least none that would show up but I have confirmed that when there are changes, they do show up).

And yet, when I merge from another branch, into a clean (i.e. no changes) workspace, this specific file gives me said error:


I have not changed branch on that workspace in a long time.

26075 is the last changeset on this branch (that I'm currently on and merging to). So before I started the merge, there was no change on that file. All changes currently on that file are due to the merge (there was a merge conflict but nothing particularly complicated, could easily be resolved with the merge tool).

When I try to undo only that specific file (as the dialog says I should), it obviously doesn't work because this is a merge and Plastic can't do a partial merges.

When I undo everything and retry the merge, I end up in the same situation.

Here are my "What to show" settings (btw, I have tried this both the the non-alpha and alpha versions of Plastic):


Sunny regards,


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Hi Jashan,

Do you recall reverting that file to a previous revision? Could you check which one is being loaded? It should be the one in bold.

Could you open a new ticket at support@plasticscm.com with that information and referencing this post?




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Hi Héber,

we do occasionally revert that file to previous versions, yeah. But the last commit that I see on that branch was a regular one.

I was at first confused about what you meant by "It should be the one in bold" because the alpha UI doesn't bold changesets in the history (regardless of dark or light theme). But I did find it with the legacy UI (also, I just saw that the changeset of the file is also shown in the Workspace Explorer, so that would be the way to find out in the alpha UI, I guess) ... and:

Turns out the active version on that branch was one from a child branch of this current branch that we hadn't merged back into this branch (so that was definitely not the correct version - there's no way I can think of how that version became the active one on my branch). Now I have reverted to the last version on this current branch and after that, it shows the commit I just made as active one. It's really weird that it showed the version from the other branch instead of the commit (if we even did revert something there in this case - it certainly doesn't look like that from the history).

And ... that fixed it! 🙂 Thank you!

Sunny regards,

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  • 9 months later...

It seems that shelving can sometimes cause this issue. The steps to fix are:

  • Go to the Workspace Explorer
  • Find the file in question
  • Right-click and select History to see the file history screen
  • There will be a list of revisions on the left side and if you're seeing this error, the most recent one is probably not the bold one
  • If you're sure that you want to overwrite the file first backup your changes because the next step will lose them
  • After changes have been backed up somewhere else, right click on the newest entry and select "Revert file to this version"
  • The bold text may not change, but if you re-apply your changes to the file, you can check it in and the new checkin will be bold in the history
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