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  1. We've been having a problem with locked assets being overwritten because the project settings to prevent it are stored in EditorUserSettings (a file that Unity says should be ignored in version control) instead of inside the VersionControlSettings file that is stored in version control. Unity 2020.3.0
  2. Did this solution work? The cm integration for Jenkins fails out of the box still on macOS. Since we're just running it as master, the fastest fix was to specify the executable in Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Plastic SCM > Command Line Client Executable: /usr/local/bin/cm You can access it using sh if you add it to the path in your pipeline script environment { PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH" } Note that updating the path in the script does not fix the original plugin issue.
  3. I believe I was using it incorrectly. I read "If the checkout operation succeeds, these environment variables will be populated with the appropriate values for the build" and assumed it meant that existing environment variables would be populated. I was not fetching them from the dictionary. Thanks for the help!
  4. The environment variables listed on the Jenkins plugin page return null for me in pipelines (https://plugins.jenkins.io/plasticscm-plugin/#documentation). They are null in both the stage where I do my cm call and other stages. I'm new to Jenkins Pipelines so I'm not sure if there is something simple that I'm missing. stage('Update Repository') { steps { cm( branch: '/main', repository: "${PLASTICSCM_TARGET_REPOSITORY}", server: 'mycompany@cloud', cleanup: 'STANDARD', directory: 'win64' ) echo "${env.PLASTICSCM_CHANGESET_GUID}" echo "${env.PLASTICSCM_AUTHOR}" } } stage('Check variables') { steps { script { echo "${env.PLASTICSCM_CHANGESET_GUID}" echo "${env.PLASTICSCM_AUTHOR}" } } }
  5. Are xlinks on the roadmap for cloud? It's not clear in the documentation what is supported where.
  6. Correct. We don't understand the unusual behaviour either. The packages are all installed in the same project in the same repo and the three machines have pulled from that repo.
  7. This happens in 2020 as well. The unusual thing is that we put the same changeset on three different computers all running 2020.1.12 and the Antlr3.Runtime error only happens on one of them.
  8. That's good to hear. I know good documentation takes time to write, so even a note in the interim telling users that the documentation is forthcoming would be useful.
  9. This really needs to be added to the Jira integration documentation. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why the steps were not working.
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