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  1. Hi Alan, Can you share the version of PlasticSCM, Unity, and the Unity plugin you are using? Best, Héber.
  2. Hi, Are you working centralized or distributed? I'm afraid that if you are working distributed, then you won't be able to close changes with the comments. Aside from that, they are closed when checking in. Best, Héber.
  3. Hi Scott, Got it, I'm sorry for the late reply. We will keep going on that one and then update the forum thread with the answers. Best, Héber.
  4. Hi, In this blogpost it is explained how to do it: https://blog.plasticscm.com/2019/10/improving-new-plastic-code-review-part-ii.html Keep in mind that you need to be working centralized for the option to close them that way. Best, Héber.
  5. Hi Pablo, I'm sorry for the late reply. You can set a group as the owner of the server and all the members of that group will be considered owners. To do that you first need to create the group and then select the option to change the owner on the bottom side of the repository server permissions screen:   The repository server owner has nothing to do with the OS user used to start the server, it is just who has always permissions for everything in the server. Best, Héber.
  6. Hi, I'm really sorry you are facing all these issues. Could you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com so we can try to set up a meeting to debug the environment? Best, Héber.
  7. Hi, Could you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and send the "plastic.debug.log.txt" file that you should have under "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\plastic4\logs"? Best, Héber.
  8. Hi Dan, It means that you have not entered the encryption key for the server, or that you have not configured your config files for it. I guess your organization shows the "encrypted: Yes" label in the cloud dashboard? Best, Héber.
  9. Hi, I'm glad to hear you can keep working now. If you face something similar again, please reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and we will try to help you. best, Héber.
  10. Hi, Could you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com to review this particular scenario? I may need to ask you for some specific information you probably don't want to share here. Best, Héber.
  11. Hi, As an update, we are trying to find a spot in the roadmap to have them this year. Best, Héber.
  12. Hi Erik, As talked through e-mail, I'll paste here the answer in case it helps anyone else: Best, Héber.
  13. Hi, Got it, I'll share it with the team. Regarding Plastic checking it out automatically, by default, PLastic can't do that. If you are using a plugin, it is probably the plugin the one checking it out. Another option would be if you are running a merge or an incoming changes operation. In those scenarios, Plastic does check the file put. Best, Héber.
  14. Hi Galen, I'm sorry for the late reply. No, I'd say this is not the expected behavior. Let me share it with the team and double-check it. Best, Héber.
  15. Hi, The thing with this is that a changed file and a checked-out file are different things. A changed file is detected by the system and will only appear there if the changes were done locally. A checked-out file notifies the server that it is meant to be changed. That's why the status cannot change from checked-out to changed. For this other option, I can only agree with you. It could prove helpful and I'll share it with the team. Regarding the "show checkouts" option, I go back to the first part of the answer. You are notifying the server that those files are going to be changed, and if you have lock rules configured, that's how you lock them. So it could prove useful to see which files you have locked and which ones you don't. Best, Héber.
  16. Hi Galen, There is a reason beneath this behavior. The cloaked.conf only works on controlled files, and it is to prevent changes from being downloaded into your machine. That means that new files (the ones appearing as added) will not be taken into account. If you don't want to submit the newly added items you need to ignore them. To do a very quick sum up, we have three config files: Ignore.conf: Prevents new files from being submited to the server and keep them local. Cloaked.conf: Prevents changes in the server from being download into your machine. Hiddenchanges.conf: Prevents changes in controlled files in your machine from being submitted to the server. With that taken into account, the incoming changes should work as expected. Let us know if you have any other questions. Best, Héber.
  17. Hi, The problem comes because the libgnome2 library was deprecated in all modern Linux architectures. There is a workaround though, which is to add the repos from the old versions so it can be downloaded. Check out this knowledge base: https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013103159-How-to-Install-Plastic-GUI-in-Ubuntu-19-10-and-later- We are working on a cross-platform GUI that should avoid those issues, but I'm afraid it is not ready yet. Best, Héber.
  18. Hi, I'm afraid this is a known issue as they have dropped support for the libgnome2 library. For Ubuntu, you could try these steps: https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013103159-How-to-Install-Plastic-GUI-in-Ubuntu-19-10-and-later- They should work for any other Linux distro but with their repos. Best, Héber.
  19. Hi, If you right-click on the file and then select "view history" you should be able to see all the changes made to that file. You can also select the "View history as a 2d revision tree" to have a visual representation with branches and so on of the evolution of the file. Best, Héber.
  20. Hi Corey, It seems that you did not solve all the conflicts in the merge. Can you rerun the merge operation and retry the check-in? Best, Héber.
  21. Hi, I'm glad to hear it is working now. Can you share a bit more on how your connection profile was set? Best, Héber.
  22. Hi, So you would like to have something like a mandatory build, or something similar? I'm afraid that is not possible by default, but you could probably create a before checkin trigger that checks the content of the comment and rejects the checkin if it doesn't have those fields. Best, Héber.
  23. Hi, An ignore.conf with these two rules should do it: debug !boost/preprocessor/debug That way you would be unignoring that particular folder. Can you try it and share if it works? Best, Héber.
  24. Hi, This problem occurs when the client cannot reach the server. Can you check if the local server service is up and running? If it is, can you delete the cloudregions.conf file under "C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Local\plastic4"? Best, Héber.
  25. Hi, From what I've seen, this seems to be an error with the build files. Do you have them inside the project? It could be that they got corrupted, does removing them and reinstalling help? That version of the UE should be supported. Best, Héber.
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