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  1. Hello Carlos, So if I understand you correctly, hidden_changes doesn't do anything other than change what is displayed in the pending changes view, but the changes are still taken into account as if they were not hidden? Thank you, Francois
  2. Hi! We have some configuration files we would like to add to the repository under a basic state, so they get downloaded by clients. However, we don't want local changes to be detected as changes (i.e. clients can have their own personal configurations). I know adding them to the "ignored list" would work, but it would be nice to still have that "default" state in source control. We added the files to the "hidden_changes" configuration file. Documentation says "The hidden changes are controlled items that can be changed but the user doesn't want them to appear by default on the Pending changes view.". This does work, as we do not see them in pending changes, however it seems that sometimes (I have not confirmed that this is happening every time) when switching workspace to a new changeset we get the error message: "Warning: This file has been changed in the workspace, out of Plastic SCM control, so data has been preserved. Item is not up-to-date." It's like it knows to ignore it for pending changes, but when switching changeset it DOES want to overwrite changes. I'm sure there is something easy I'm missing but would be great to know what. Note: in the workspace explorer the file IS listed as: "Controlled / changed / hidden changed" Thank you! Francois
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