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  1. Hello, Thank you for your follow-up. I'm glad it sounds like things will continue along the same lines they have (which is great). So I'm not looking for any more answers, but just for the record here is my feedback so far: It would have been great to get an official notification/explanation BEFORE the rebranding happens Same for setting up forums (couldn't this have been done ahead of time?) not to spook non-Unity customers I still can't find any pricing information (it's not affecting us but it's not great for future customers?), the links just go in circles on Unity Again, glad we can still use Plastic and your support is still great, and I understand Unity will be the priority, and Unity probably led this effort, but this was definitely jarring and definitely has the feel of a large corporation slamming things together.
  2. Hi, Yes I see the big red bar, no feedback there. However I'm not sure if you understand my concern as a Unreal/C++ customer that uses Plastic across his entire team, that the previous website & forums, containing Unreal, Gluon, etc. are all gone? For example: I don't know if it is even "legal" to post questions about Unreal in a Unity forum? Will it get moderated out? There only seems to be 1 big "Source control" category anymore. What is the new pricing (or the old one if that didn't change)? All I see are "Sign up for free!" or "contact sales!" buttons everywhere (with a "you will be charged xxx after 3 months"), but no clear plans for scaling, cloud vs Hosted, etc. Again, perhaps this is somewhere but MAN have they made it hard to find?! Given all this and that all plans are so tightly integrated with Unity, how much will Unreal plug-ins get for support? (a separate support email has been reassuring but I did want to reiterate the concern here) I understand (and hope) it's might be just slight changes to the current "business as usual", but this customer would've appreciated more Info/reassuring upfront (or "hard truths" if that's the way it's going to go).
  3. @Carlos Hi there! I've been recommending Plastic SCM to all my fellow game developers as I believe it's the best out there after 25 years in the industry. I knew Plastic had been bought by Unity for a while and I figured integration was a major part of that. However, I just noticed the latest update feature is a "Unity rebrand", and that got me a bit nervous (we use it for custom engines, Unreal and Unity), so I came to the forums. I don't seem to be able to create a new thread (am I just missing an obvious button? Or have these boards been deprecated?) and the Plastic website is gone, and I'm wondering how much I should be freaked out regarding support for non-Unity stuff. I might have missed blog posts etc. but would appreciate any info. Thanks! Francois
  4. Hi! I just saw this, thank you for listening to your customers, it's really appreciated!!
  5. I have to say I'm not even sure what "replication source" even means (we use the Cloud edition). I get that it can be a workaround, but it's much, much clearer when the entire dot is colored other than just that sliver, so for the Plastic folks, I'd still vote for the changes mentioned in my original post. Thank you!!
  6. @Wolfram to get just the nice circles, turn OFF "color by replication source" (now that I think of it, @ollieblanks it would be nice to default that to "off" as well if it isnt already...)
  7. Sorry to necro, but has there been any update to this? Working on binary files this can be very useful, instead of waiting for an error message. Cheers, Francois
  8. Hi! This is a bit of a minor point, but has been bugging me for literally years so I thought I would post it here. In the branch view, it's awesome to be able to color nodes per user. However, the selected changeset is only differentiated from color, meaning that when using colors, it's not obvious what is currently selected versus what is just a different user, for example: in this scenario, which node is selected? From this example, it feels like the circle currently used for labels is what one would intuitively associate with selection. Again this is not super critical, but it would be nice if selection would be something like a black circle or something more neutral (perhaps using the circle that is currently used for labels for selectin, and identifying the label nodes differently such as maybe adding a star icon inside the circle?). Thank you!
  9. The main issue is outside of "checkin changes". My artist just loads up and, in the Explore Workspace view: Hitting "Update Workspace" will update the workspace, but not get rid of "new changes available" (even though it just got those changes) Hitting "Refresh" on the workspace Explorer will not make "new changes available" appear if new changes were made available recently (I realize that button may be intended for files refesh, but the user would expect it to also refresh the status of changes...) We've definitely seen this in Gluon (100% I think), not sure if it also happens in Plastic (it didn't for me this morning but I haven't done too many tests). I hope this helps, definitely let me know if you would like further precisions. Francois
  10. Yes; in Gluon at least, I just updated workspace, grabbed everything and it still says "new changes available" on the top right. Confusingly, clicking the "view" button on that section takes us to a view that shows "0 changes". Would you consider refreshing the "New changes available" status in the following cases? I believe it would be trivial to implement and help the user experience: When the "refresh" button on the workspace is hit (after all, the expectation from the user is that we are refreshing the status of things) After a file operation that could alter the changes available, such as "Update Workspace" Thank you! I appreciate your follow-ups and please remember that your users comment because they like to use Plastic and only want to see it even better. Francois
  11. Could you clarify the details? Oh I was referring to this thread I posted recently. We got the issue in Gluon but I'm not sure if it's in Plastic also. Thank you!
  12. Mmm, maybe this is different in Gluon, in Plastic I just create a new workspace and "update workspace" to the latest version. If that's what you are saying, I did not realize in Gluon you had to specify files every time when starting a new workspace. In addition, it looks like in Gluon there is no way to tell which change set you are on? I guess you are always set to the latest on the branch you are on? Apologies for the noob Gluon questions! (do check out my question on "New changes available" not updating on certain actions, that one is legit I'm sure) Cheers, Francois
  13. Hi! It was a clean new Gluon workspace to a new folder, off an existing Cloud repository I was previously using with Plastic on the same machine. Basically, I'm working on a Plastic project and wanted to "simulate" what my artists would be seeing on their machine when they installed Gluon, so I created a separate Gluon workspace/folder. My setup is on a fresh machine so it should be easy to replicate, although haven't had time to try this on a different machine. I hope this helps! Francois
  14. We are showing our art team the workflow in Gluon. It's great, but we just realized that the nice "New changes available" button on the top right doesn't refresh directly when we hit the "refresh" button. We haven't dug into much, but it looks like it's on a timer (which is nice when the application is running in the background), but doesn't refresh when we explicitly refresh or update the workspace. So it means that: after hitting "refresh", the project may have been updated, but there is NO "New changes available" button displayed, giving the impression that "refresh" didn't work after "Update workspace", we STILL see "new changes available", even though there are no more changes available..., giving the impression that "update workspace" DIDN'T update So right now, our instructions to artists is to not trust that "no changes available" display, which is not great. It's REALLY NICE to have, just wish it was more reliable. 😕 Note, it looks like going to "switch branch" and canceling DOES refresh the status. It should do that same status update when we hit "refresh" and "update workspace". Thank you! Francois
  15. Thank you! As an update: this seems to happen on ALL screens where scrolling happens, e.g. workspace explorer.
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