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  1. Hi, Yes my account is github pro and the repo i am trying to push is github team repo and it have large file system. Thanks. I'll try gitlab if you don't have any other suggestions.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to push from plastic to git sync with git. I'm trying to push 2.8 gb files in total. When the upload reached 2gb, it gave an error. Yesterday I successfully pushed a smaller size project from the same computer. The last part of the logs is here. Thanks.
  3. Hi, It worked successfully for a project that I could not sync before. Thank you. But when I tried it in a larger project, ~5000 commit / ~3gb gave an error at the end of the upload phase. it say "unable to write data to the transport connections. The connection was forcibly closed by the remote server" Fatih
  4. The last part of the logs is here.
  5. Hi, I want to move my plastic repo to empty git repo with all commit and branch history. When I tried with gitsync, I was able to successfully migrate a project with few commits. But when I try to migrate a large repo it shows "safe handle has been closed" pop-up after passing the first stage. An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Odb (Error). Object not found - failed to find pack entry (412cafb12376dcf12d0b98463d7f59c9cee3e0c3) it prints such a log. As a solution "git config --global pack.window 0" such things are suggested but where should I do this or is there any other reason or solution to this problem? Thank you. Plastic version: Device: MacBook Pro m1
  6. Hello, I'm constantly getting "Connection Refused" pop up during accessing our cloud centralized repo from my new MacBook. I have tried deleting .plastic4 folder and opening the app again, logged in one more time but still getting connection refused everytime I try to take an action. Please find the debug file in the attachments. Thank you. plastic.debug.log.20210303 copy.txt
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