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  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug, intended behavior or user error, so I figured I would post here and see what others have found. I'm finding that on the Mac version, cloaked.conf is not read first when updating a workspace for the first time, so I download a lot of unneeded files. Here's what led to this: Repository + branches etc. were created on workstations at the office and included a lot of big files that aren't really that important, so I cloaked them (about 29GB of photos for this project) so that they won't download usually. At home, via VPN (so verrrryyyy slloooowwww) I create a new workspace on my Mac laptop using MacPlastic version ( also tested the old Mac client and found the same behavior). I switch the workspace to the changeset I want and it starts downloading all of the files, including cloaked files. I also see that it hasn't downloaded the cloaked.conf file yet, so it doesn't know what to include. In this case, I was able to remote into the office workstation to grab the cloaked.conf file separately and put it in my workspace. Now when I update it works great, skipping the cloaked files. So is there a way to make sure Plastic downloads the cloaked.conf file first so it will know to skip other files? Or another way to accomplish this?
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