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  1. Hi, If you don't have LongPathName enabled , you will get an error "Path is too long", which is legit. If you enable LongPathName, you will be able to create files and folders with long path names using the command line. However, the behaviour is different with .Net. Enabling LongPathName is not enough to have a it works on every machines (depending on Windows build number, family/pro, etc, etc), as you could get an error "Could not retrieve part of the path ......'" To make it works in any case, you need to define it in <app>.exe.config, indeed. But you also need to add a "\\?\" before the file/folder path. File.Create( @"\\?\d:\the_very_very_very_very_very_long_path_to_my_folder/my_file.txt") Just note that there is not the 240 characters here @manu Is there any for you to try it and implement it in Plastic ? You can test it with a simple Console Application. this is the way I have reproduced the 3 behaviours. Best, McSime
  2. Hi @manu, Thanks for the answer. Indeed, I've checked those topics. And it seems the limits.conf doesn't affect deamons, as I set it up to 65k for everyone and the process limits are good... I figured it out by adding "ulimit -n 65536" in /etc/default/<DAEMON>, and it works fine now... About FD for bot hprocess : plasticd /opt/plasticscm5/server/plasticd.exe --daemon => 1207 sudo -u plasticscm -b -n /opt/plasticscm5/server/plasticd --daemon => 9 Please find the answer to the 2 questions : A looot : 96 repositories in total jet.conf below : basepath=/data/plasticscm/jet prefix= suffix= maxcachedtrees=50 datafilesize=4 Thanks for help ! McSime
  3. Hi there, I've got a critical issue with my Linux server : "Too many open files" I think this error is related to Jet, as I've never got this issue with Plastic 5 / MySQL. I've got this issue clicky after the server installation as the open files limit was at 1024. I've changed it to 65536, it worked for 2 weeks., But here I am again... Did I miss anything wih the server setup ? @manu This is an urgent topic, could you please save my life once again ? Thank you very much, McSime
  4. Hi @manu, The first solution still didn't work even after having closed the GUI. Anyway, the second solution worked fine !! Good old features always rock Once again you saved my life, many thanks ! I just need to sync with my team to kill the old server Maxime
  5. Hi I am moving my Plastic Server from a server to another. I used the SyncView to replicate all repositories/branches and everything went well. Here is my problem : I change a workspace selector to use server 2 instead of server 1. I can switch branches, etc I stop server 1 to check if the xlink fallbacks to the new server (which "Use relative server" should do) Plastic says that it is unable to reach server 1 to get xlink status All my xlinks are marked as "Use relative server", but it seems that they are all pointing at rep@server1 What can I do to change the endpoint of my xlinks without removing and re-adding them ? EDIT : It seems that if I recreate a workspace targeting a repository on server 2, the xlinks are relative, so it works. But my new question is : How could xlinks target server 2 without having to recreate all my workspaces ? I mean, we are 10 developers and have huge repositories. Thanks for your help, Maxime
  6. Hi, I have the same issue and followed the blog post you've made about it. I simply tried to put "BlockLongPaths=true", and I've got the error message "The path is too long .... 248 characters" When I put "BlockLongPaths=false", it should work, but I've got the error message "Could not find a part of the path D:\...." Thank you for your support, Maxime
  7. Hello Manu, Thank you very much for your answer, I will add an user voice, and in the mean time, find a work around with the command ! Automation <3 Maxime
  8. Hi, I would like to identify my builds with Jenkins using the last changeset ID according to the current branch selector. There is the CHANGE_ID environment variable available in Jenkins, but it doesn't seem that the Plastic SCM Plugin supports it. I initaly wanted to use the BUILD_DISPLAY_NAME from the job itself, but as I need to build with Unity on a Mac and on a PC, I must use a common ID. Thank you for your help, Maxime
  9. It's working ! Thank you for your support Maxime
  10. I've just retried so you can check logs. I also sent an email to the support to open a ticket Regards, Maxime
  11. Hello, I need to get my invoices for administrative purposes. Following this link : https://www.plasticscm.com/download/invoice/invoices When I click "View", I get this error message : "You are not authorized to view this invoice" Could you please check what is going wrong ? Thank you, McSime
  12. Hello, I though it wouldn't work because I got no changes, so nothing happened before But it acually works perfectly and fits our needs ! Thank you very much ! Mcsime
  13. Hi, We have setup a Jenkins CI server to build our projects daily, and we don't want Jenkins to build a project daily if it has no SCM changes since the last build. We used to add "Multijob Plugin" which can run parametized builds with the option "Build only if SCM changes". However, this plugin sometimes seems not to work, and we don't know why (seems to be a deadlock on the master node), and we came back to "classic" job. This job doesn't have any parameter to make Jenkins build only if there are SCN changes. Would it be possible for you Plastic guys to add this feature to your Jenkins plugin ? I guess it would be available only is "Use update" parameter is selected. Thanks for your support Mcsime
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