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  1. Hi! Please check the following documentation https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#Chapter6:webadmin-Serverconfigurationandadministration. Maybe this helps! Regards. María
  2. Hi! We are redesigning the GUIs for the upcoming Plastic 9. And it would be great if you could share with us what are your thoughts about this new design. Read this blog post to check the new screenshots and improvements. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions 😊
  3. Hi Mikael, The Administrator's guide is now updated: * The links related to the "db.conf" configuration file are now fixed. And we now specify that this file is about SQL-type backends. * We included the "jet.conf" file explanation in the Chapter 16. Regarding the settings of the jet.conf configuration file, we hope that you can find this info helpful. Regards. María
  4. Hi Mikael, We will fix these links and complete the documentation about the jet.conf file. Thank you so much for your feedback! María
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