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  1. This week we are once again running into a wave of these "I merged from main and now stuff isn't working on my local branch" moments of confusion from people on our team. Yes, we have updated an Xlink. Yes, we have reminded people to do "update workspace" after merging from main. No, everyone does not remember to do so.
  2. You may find the install scripts in https://github.com/falldamagestudio/JenkinsAutomation/tree/master/Plastic to be useful. We used these about 2-3 years ago when installing Plastic SCM (and configuring it to authenticate against a Cloud organization) on a Jenkins agent that was running on a Windows VM. Parts of it are still good. Other things (like the embedded "this is the version to download" + URL, and the manual wrangling of client.conf/profiles.conf) are messy and there may be better ways of accomplishing it these days.
  3. Here is a quote our internal Slack workspace, from earlier today. A programmer has made a major version update of the game engine, and as part of this, also updated a number of xlinks. I have bolded one section, where I ask myself: Why does the programmer see the need to enlist the help of other programmers to help everyone on the team to correctly get latest? Why does he predict that people might come and ask "why is everything broken"? Why are people on our team using the PlasticSCM client incorrectly in this particular case? What can be done about it?
  4. Cycling back here. Just today, we had another instance of people being confused. "I merged from main and code isn't compiling for me. I had to check in the results of the merge, switch to another branch, and back again -- now, code is compiling again. What happened?" People on my team do not understand that, if an incoming merge includes an xlink change, they need to check in the results of the merge and then click "Update Workspace" to get the xlinked files updated in their workspace. They do not understand that if a repository includes xlinks, the process for merging from main into a
  5. I find it difficult to understand what sort of situations that a user would like to download on-the-other-side-of-xlink changes on demand. I would understand if Plastic has a mode where the user can choose whether or not to download the contents of a folder (i.e. partial workspaces), and would use that to not download the xlink's contents at all. I would understand if Plastic had a configuration where you could declare, for a workspace, which xlinks should be 'expanded' and which should not in the workspace. (This is partial workspaces, but at the granularity of xlinks instead of every
  6. I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing. Allow me to elaborate a bit. ----------------------- Fundamentally, everyone on our team expects Plastic to update the contents of an Xlinked folder at the same time that the XLink changes. Plastic doesn't work that way, and it causes frustration ("I merged from /main and now files are missing locally, yet /main is good for everyone else on the team") within our team. Here are three scenarios where that is problematic for us when we use read-only XLinks. 1) When a user creates or modifies an XLink, they need to check it in
  7. Hi, when I change an xlink, I need to first check in the xlink change, and then click "update workspace" to make the contents of the xlinked folder update. I find the extra required step unintuitive, but accept that there are probably reasons for this. (Side question: Do I need to check in the xlink change? Or is it enough to change the xlink locally, and then click 'update workspace'?) However -- if someone else merges from a branch with such an xlink change, they too need to perform an extra "Update workspace" to get the contents of their xlinked folder updated. This means t
  8. I don't work at Codice, but I have used Plastic and other VCSes for some time. My advice: --- Think of Plastic and Git as "file systems with history, and support for multiple parallel timelines". They provide you with four things that are valuable when working on an UE4 project, compared to when working via Dropbox: You get exact control of when files are uploaded/downloaded. No more "person X changed a file so I guess I'll wait a while and the latest version ought to show up on my machine as well". You get tools that help you work collaboratively with a set of files. The
  9. We are using a cloud server. I have provided four logs via ticket #23929.
  10. One in our team disabled the FsWatcher. It made no difference. We do not have a reproducible scenario. We observe it happen during regular work. It is always after having been busy in other programs and switching back to Plastic SCM. Sometimes directly after alt-tab. sometimes at the first tab switch within Plastic SCM. When the freeze has occurred once, it will not happen again until we switch to other programs and work elsewhere for a while. I am personally experiencing this 1-3 times per day now (because I am doing more hands-on work than I used to). Freezes last typically 2-4 sec
  11. Side note; one of my colleague reports that this happens to him multiple times per day. Once I have some more logs I will provide them to you via a support ticket.
  12. We are not able to easily reproduce it, sorry. The general repro steps are: 1. do a bunch of work in other applications 2. switch to Plastic SCM (which is already running) 3. switch tab within Plastic then, at step 3, sometimes there is a multi-second freeze. I have attached a redacted & cut-down version of the Plastic SCM logfile. Since I shut down the Plastic SCM client shortly after experiencing the freeze, I believe that the interesting part starts at 2020-10-13 22:15:20,498 . If you want the full, unredacted log, let me know and I will file a su
  13. Hi, over the past month-or-two several of the developers on my team have noticed that, occasionally, the Plastic SCM GUI freezes for a couple of seconds when switching between tabs in the UI. The frequency which I observe this myself at is - say, 2-3 times over the past month, but I work only rarely within the editor. Others experience it more often. In the most recent case, the freeze occurred when I switched from a Branch Explorer view to a Pending Changes view by pressing Shift-Tab. The GUI froze for about 7 seconds. After that, I could switch back and forth freely without seeing
  14. Howdy, I'm also curious, are there any concrete plans to implement distributed locking? We are growing from ~20 to ~50 people on our project over the next 12 months. We use task branches, and the lack of distributed locking is making life difficult for content creators. The lack of an effective locking mechanism that operates well together with multi-branch workflows may force us to move to a single-branch workflow for content creators in the future. I have thought a bit about what Wouter has mentioned (100% global locks causing problems with release branches etc). A m
  15. If there are lots of changes since the last build, the Plastic plugin for Jenkins fails with the communication. The typical error message is: "FATAL: Parse error: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity." We have a manual workaround, but it requires making dummy commits. It would be nice to eventually have this resolved, as it is one of the things that makes our Jenkins build jobs require manual maintenance on an irregular basis. https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-62442?jql=project %3D JENKINS AND component %3D plasticscm-plugin
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