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  1. Sure thing - I'll reach out again if I ever encounter a similar issue. Thanks!
  2. Well.. I've resolved the issue! I'm not sure which step actually resolved the issue but continuing from steps above, I... 5 - Upgraded to the latest Plastic version. >> Still had same error message in the "Pending Changes" window. 6 - Closed the Pending Changes window and re-opened. >> Success! No more error message! All my pending changes are visible and I was able to Checkin.
  3. I'm not sure why I'm receiving this Error: "WorkspaceInfo cannot be null" What I did: - Worked a few hours on my project in Unity; - Directed attention again to the Plastic window (which had been open / running the entire time, and which I had successfully been using to push changes all day); - Expected the Pending Changes window to be full of my changes to Checkin, (as I had been doing all day until now), but I instead found the Pending Changes window to be empty; - Clicked "Refresh" in Pending Changes, and received the error message, "WorkspaceInfo cannot be null". I see that there are other topics suggesting that this appears from a change in the file directory, but as far as I can tell, this has not been changed in my case. I can view all files in the Workspace Explorer through Plastic, and also see them all in the File Explorer -- All the files in the project are in the same place I left them, as to be expected. My attempts to resolve: 1 - Close Plastic and Re-open: Result >> No changes to issue. 2- Restart computer: Result >> No changes to issue. 3- Make new workspace directing to the project folder: I received a message saying the workspace already exists, and was unable to create the new workspace. Result >> No changes to issue. 4 - Make backup of project and create new workspace to this new backup project folder: I received the same message as above saying the workspace (naming the original, not this new backup workspace I've just defined) already exists. I was unable to create the new workspace. Result >> No changes to issue. Can anyone suggest why I would be receiving this error message, and how to resolve the workspace so that I can continue to 'Checkin' changes?
  4. Hi @calbzam I'm chiming in here too, shooting in the dark to try to find help. Our team has been using Plastic for the past year or so for our project; and we've never been prompted for our encryption key before, and now all the sudden we are, for pretty much every Checkin to the project from any of our clients (I'm the admin of the account and am working with only one other admin). However, the saved password we had created upon account setup worked the first time this recently popped up.... then it didn't the second time, but instead accepted a strange inverse permutation of the password... and now it won't accept any password we try. I've seen your response to other questions for removing the encryption by starting from scratch, and it seems to be horrifically fatal (as in, the only way to decrypt is to wipe the cloud repos). This is not an ideal solution, to say the least. Is there anything you can do to help us get back on track and move forward? Thanks so much, -Ashley.
  5. Is there a way to automatically sync the local repo with the cloud upon successful local checkin? It would be nice to not require the second step of explicitly performing a cloud sync.
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