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  1. I solved the problem. The files users.conf and groups.conf had the root user as user and group. I simply set the rights to plasticscm: root:root -> plasticscm:plasticscm chown -c plasticscm:plasticscm users.conf chown -c plasticscm:plasticscm groups.conf Now it works.
  2. Hi, I have installed PlasticSCM on my Fedora server. I installed it with the root user. I chose Username & Password as Authentication-Mode. If I now want to create a user via the Web-Admin user interface, the following error message appears: Access to the path "/opt/plasticscm5/server/users.conf" is denied. Picture in attachment. I'm assuming that the users.conf permissions are not set correctly, maybe not even the whole folder. Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Laurence Trippen
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