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  1. Sorry, I might have phrased my question a bit poorly. I'm not actually trying to share a workspace configuration with anyone else, I just want to be able to configure my workspace so that I can exclude particular file-types or folders of a certain name from ever being downloaded from the server, similar to putting them into the cloaked.conf with the regular Plastic client.
  2. Hi, I was curious how one would replicate the functionality of a cloaked.conf file in Gluon. My specific use-case is that we have a repository for the artists on our project, and while I need access to some of the character Maya files for animation, I don't need all of the Zbrush/Substance/etc files. In PlasticSCM I would just add 'Zbrush' or '*.ztl' to the cloaked list and never have to worry about it. But with our directory structure, where each character folder has its own Zbrush folder, I have to manually exclude it for each character, and remember to do so any time a new character is added. Ideally, I'd like to be able to just configure Gluon so it never downloads any folders named Zbrush/Substance/etc rather than manually excluding them. Is this possible?
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