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SVN import problems

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I'm trying to import a large svn repository to a plastic scm for an evaluation.

It seems to work well bu at the end (after getting all the changesets) I have this error:

Error: Unknown user or group S-1-5-21-1514830482-2316121123-363599732-2154

In the first revisions (we have more than 10k revisions) commiters are users that doesn't exist anymore so that's why it could cause the problem.

Do you have any idea to fix this problem ?


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Yes I tried to use PlasticSCM with Active Directory.

Users in SVN are mapped directly to users in the LDAP (except for thos who don't exist anymore)

I thought PlasticSCM import could do directly the mapping.

Is it possible to import the svn repository in auth mode and then switch it to LDAP ?

What is the best way to proceed ?

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This number is a SID, the ID used by your LDAP system to identify users.

Most likely this user does not exist anymore.

Drop me an email to support@codicesoftware.com and we'll check it, I mean, I can connect to your box and take a look at it.


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