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  1. Carlos, I think this is going to be fixed in BL3799
  2. Well, you mean revisions not loaded by csets newer than a certain date, since a new cset can be loading a very old file rev that was never changed how would you like to define that? Gui? Conf file?
  3. This exact feature is something we have in mind 🙂 What would be the ideal to specify this?
  4. Hi @Meceka and @Marc Audouy As Carlos said, right now we don't have a way to trim databases, but this is something we'll be working on soon because it does make a lot of sense. There's a workaround you can use, but it is not trivial: it involves cloning the full repo locally, trimming the data, pushing the new repo, and then deleting the old one. Let me share the idea with the team and I'll get back to you. pablo
  5. Hey, a few releases ago we added this preference: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/ But it should be a preference and shouldn't be set by default. Can you confirm this is the case?
  6. Would you guys @gweronimo @SWSBB @jwvanderbeck like to have an online meeting next week and we talk about your proposals in person? We'd do a GotoMeeting or something.
  7. Wow! Quite detailed. Could you draw (by hand if needed) how do you imagine the resulting Branch Explorer? I'm super interested @gweronimo
  8. Can you use branches? Will they help? Or do you really need something else? The other option (I don't love it, though) would be to shelve changes instead of checkin, then validate, and only apply if approved. Even another option: * Work on a single branch (dev). * Cherry pick validated changes to main.
  9. But what you propose is basically reinventing branches without branches 🙂 Make every person work on a task branch (super short ones), then someone validates, and the merge happens only if the task is validated.
  10. No, I mean this @S_Luis The relayout config, where you can manually move branches, if this can be shared with all users.
  11. @SWSBB how would you like to enter weights in branch attributes? Would that make sense? We could also use some file to give weights, but then people would complaint about GUI support. If we end up implementing custom weights, we could simply use a brex_weight special attribute that you can use for this. @mig any other idea you'd like better? I'm not sure it would be a widespread feature, anyway, because users need to configure their stuff. @jwvanderbeck this would also fix your "main" issue, I believe. But, in your case, you can easily move develop up with the relayout, right? @S_Luis can we put the relayout in global config already? Or is that yet in the wish list?
  12. Just as a reminder to anyone visiting this: this is no longer an issue. If it was ever a problem (we are not even sure), it is no longer an issue. We tested wildcard certificates on our servers again today, and weren't able to repro any issues. No questions are asked to the user and everything seems to work fine.
  13. Is there anything special in your setup? Are you Windows, macOS, Linux??
  14. Definitely not normal. I mean, we upgrade ALL the time and settings are not lost. Settings are stored under appdata/local/plastic4, and this folder is not touched by the upgrade. That being said, we can look into your case specifically, because this is definitely not what everyone else is experiencing.
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