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  1. Use cm switch "main/Unity 2020.1.1 Upgrade". This is more a shell thing than plastic command line issue as you probably figured out by now 🙂
  2. Hey, the team will answer the bigger thread, but regarding the arrows: Some people find it bad, most not, so we are not in a good position to change it, I'm afraid. We have a setting (Windows only) to reverse the arrows and put them Git-like (which I find horrible, all pointing to parent). Maybe Carlos can share how. It is in a release note somewhere. Just for the sake of completeness, the link to the explanation of the merge arrows is here: https://www.plasticscm.com/book/#_arrow_direction
  3. It is possible but only for readable xlinks, not writable. Reason is a little bit complicated, but basically because otherwise merge is a pain. We'll be able to sort it out in the future with "merge on the server side" but not today.
  4. I think he's describing a feature like Microsoft Symbol Server, that stores metadata of every binary generated and can later link it to a given set of binaries. We don't do that (at least not yet), but it is very easy to embed the cset number (the GUID) to the exe during build 🙂
  5. I should add that, if your project is big, we strongly recommend you to reach us so that we take care of the import. Import is always hard, and the bigger it gets, the harder, so we really prefer to remove this pain from our users 🙂
  6. Remember to create repos you have to use the GUI, there is not support for that from the web dashboard. I bet this will ring a bell
  7. Hi, Please understand this is not the regular workflow. The way to abandon locks is: You checkout 100 files (probably not a common thing to do, anyway). Then you delete your workspace. Then your locks are lost. I would say, based on all our other customers, that abandoning a workspace with locks in it is not a common thing to do. Of course it can happen, and yes, of course we can have a better interface for handling that, but we consider this a rather corner case, otherwise we'd be running into it every single day, and fortunately we do not. We are here
  8. Are you sure you use different directories in Git? Or do you mean you use different repositories? When you say Git you mean GitHub or GitLab, correct? In Plastic you should achieve this doing the same as in Git, different repositories. It is also possible to achieve it with directories, but AFAIK, this is not really possible in Git. While you can do it using permissions in Plastic, I strongly recommend you to use different repositories for your case. This is a very good question. Git-Flow is somehow considered outdated these days because it is an overcomplicated s
  9. Sorry to say the feature is not yet there. No excuses, we got swamped with other things and simply postponed this one. It is entirely my fault.
  10. Hi Jep, I bet you are almost there, but we're failing to explain it correctly. Sorry for that. Let me know if this two things help you. 1. I recorded a video explaining distributed vs centralized: 2. We have a section in the Plastic Book dedicated to this https://www.plasticscm.com/book/#_centralized_distributed In case none of these make it clear, just let me know, please 🙂
  11. I'm afraid we're not showing the LDAP names correctly on the client sides, for Active Directory, they show the SID. I think it gets better when you connect using AD mode instead of LDAP to AD.
  12. Are you using LDAP as your auth mode, right?
  13. Ok, but you're asking us different things on the same thread, correct?? I mean, what @Tobix wants is a "view changesets of current branch" in the context menu on the status bar. I hear what you say, but unless we can cluster more requests I'm not sure we'll make it. Yes, I know what you want, but I honestly think the BrEx gives you that, because you should always see your current branch quite easily. I can understand this is not your favorite choice, but we need to keep a vision on the product, and BrEx is definitely our way to understand version control. I mean, once I'm on my bra
  14. When you list repositories, you can only see the repos where you have list access. If you really need to know where you have checkin access, for instance, then you'd need to check the ACLs for each repo. So in short: there is no way to know "user has permissions" other than checking ACLs. You mean all the users who have access to a repo? No. Users are obtained from services like LDAP, for instance, so you could have users with access to a repo that never actually touched the repo, and the list of users is outside plastic (except for UP mode, but it is treated consistently as
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