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  1. Why would you want to do that for a directory?
  2. I think the problem is that we are assuming IPv4 in a bunch of different points. So, we'd need to fix that.
  3. Could be that any of these assemblies (newtonsoft, etc) was overwritten during Google.Cloud rewrite? You can also try this: * Copy the Google cloud stuff elsewhere * LD_LIBRARY_PATH=your_google_path plasticd --console
  4. We are on it. We expect to have UCB support real soon.
  5. Hi, I think you're still trying to install plasticscm-complete and not plasticscm-server-netcore. If you want to install without packages, then you can download Server .NET Core bundle from https://www.plasticscm.com/download/
  6. Ok, let's see if I can help: First thing is to take into account you can work distributed or centralized. Not sure if I'm saying something too obvious but: Distributed: you have a local repo => git like Centralized: you directly checkin to cloud (or any other central server, can be an on-prem one, for instance) All the info (maybe too academic) here: https://www.plasticscm.com/book/#_centralized_distributed Once you solve the merge conflict (you need to push first if there are conflicts upstairs, like Git), checkin locally, then push, and the conflict will be gone in the next pushes.
  7. Ok, I'd have to take a look into those automatic conflicts, since I understand they are at directory level. If so, normally automatic ones means there's really no possible human intervention, they are just discarded based on the merge logic. But I'd have to look into it. Regarding the source/destination: here is the best explanation we have: Then a full chapter about it https://www.plasticscm.com/book/#_merge_contributors_source_destination_and_base
  8. You mean some of the conflicts were automatically solved and others not, and some of the automatic are not ok?
  9. Hey! It really depends how your workspace is setup. Your workspace can be pointing to a local repo (if you installed Cloud Edition, you could be using a local server and local repos) or directly to a cloud one. So, if you're on a local repo, it is a Git-like situation: you should pull from Cloud before updating (and yes, we do it in two steps, not one like Git). See what I mean? Check where your workspace is "pointing to" and whether it says "local" or "cloud". Pending Changes always shows diffs comparing what you changed starting from a given changeset, but it won't show differences with the head, just with your starting changeset (incoming changes on the other hand, will show you diffs with head). Hope it helps, but let me know if it doesn't. pablo
  10. You don't need the SDK. Just download our .NET Core build from our site. In case of Linux, we even have a proper package. Check the instructions. Once you get it installed, I think copying the DLLs will be enough. You don't need to do dotnet new and all this stuff
  11. You can try the same with our .net core server build (check the download page). It uses the most modern .NET Core, and probably version issues are gone. (you'll need .net core compatible libraries though) I'm very interested on this, we could write a blogpost and share with others
  12. Definitely no need for reference at build time. If the dlls are there, it should work. Only issue (you can check) is if the assemblies of log4net don't match the log4net we use, or if they use a newer framework
  13. Initially it means a file requires to be merged, so it looks like you started the merge process but didn't finish it. I'm trying to get help from Rubén who is the expert on this. Cheers.
  14. Hey, You can use Personal, but then you have to host your own repos (no cloud) and it is for a single user. It all depends on your needs pablo
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