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How can I change the db backend?


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Hello Martin

You can change database backend creating a server configuration file called db.conf in server installation directory (c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM\server by default)

When you perform a default installation, this file not exist, and the system is auto-configured to use Firebird databases.

So you can later create this file in order to use other supported database provider. By now, official supported database backends are Firebird and SQLServer 2005, but we are working to support MySQL and Postgress.

Here is a db.conf configuration example to use SQL Server 2005:

   <ConnectionString>SERVER=YOURSERVER;USER ID=sa;PASSWORD=somepassw;DATABASE={0};</ConnectionString>

- Provider name: Available values are [firebird, sqlserver]

- Connection string: Connection parameters to use database provider. (See example).

- DataBasePath: Path on disk where server will place database files. If this parameter is empty, server will place database files into server installation directory.

IMPORTANT: After place the db.conf file into server installation dir, you must restart server for changes take effect.



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