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One question I have up front is the workspace server. Can you explain that to me?

The install asked me which machine was going to be my workspace server, but I can't find any documentation that really explains what that means. It sounds like there are two different servers running for Plastic, and I want to understand what is really happening.

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Plastic SCM has two server types, Workspace Server and Repository Server.

In a standard installation, both servers are located in the same machine. But, from PlasticSCM 2.0 release (November 2007), you will be able to put each server in separated mahicnes. This is usefull to improve server performance.

From client configuration, you must always access Workspace server, so when you configure clients, you must write the machine address and port where Workspace Server is installed. Workspace By default, they are in the same machine.

On separated Workspace and Repository servers, Workspace Server will be configured to access Repository Server. In Plastic SCM 2.0 and higher it will be documentation to explain this configuration.



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