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Directory diff not working in TortoiseHg

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I configured SemanticMerge in mercurial.ini as per https://users.semanticmerge.com/documentation/how-to-configure/semanticmerge-configuration-guide.shtml#HowtoconfigurewithMercurial,

resulting in:

rebase = 
mq = 
purge = 
extdiff =

cmd.semanticdiff = C:\Users\My.Name\AppData\Local\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe
opts.semanticdiff = $parent $child
cmd.kdiff3 = kdiff3.exe
opts.kdiff3 = $parent $child

semantic.executable = C:\Users\My.Name\AppData\Local\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe
semantic.args=-b=$base -s=$local -d=$other -r=$output -l=csharp -edt="kdiff3.exe ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile""" -emt="kdiff3.exe ""#basefile"" ""#sourcefile"" ""#destinationfile"" --L1 ""#basesymbolic"" --L2 ""#sourcesymbolic"" --L3 ""#destinationsymbolic"" -o ""#output"""
kdiff3.executable = kdiff3.exe
kdiff3.args = $base $local $other -o $output

**.cs = semantic
**.** = kdiff3

**.cs = semanticdiff
**.** = kdiff3

vdiff = semanticdiff
username = My.Name
merge = semantic

When I do a "Visual Diff" of two revisions from the TortoiseHG workbench:

  • "semanticdiff" is selected as tool (as expected)
  • The button to launch a "directory diff" is grayed out (<- This is what bothers meĀ :) )
  • If I double-click a (.cs) file in the list, SemanticMerge launches and shows the diff
  • This is also true if there are only .cs files in the diff

If I do the same with two revisions that differ only in one (.cs) file, SemanticMerge launches immediately.

How can I make the "directory diff" work?


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