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Hi! You develop a great tool, I've tried it and it's really very helpful. But I've noticed a couple of annoying UX troubles:

1) When I view a semantic diff and select Changed piece of code the Diff window with this piece isn't appear automatically at the bottom of window, and I have to click "Diff" button every time.

2) Syntax highlighting option(in the same diff part at the bottom) is reset every time when I close Semantic Diff. So I have to click Options->Syntax Highlighting->CSharp every time when I run diff. Command line parameter "-l=csharp" doesn't help.

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like it :)


Regarding your suggestion number one, I totally agree. We will add the functionality to show the diff automatically. It will be easier and faster for the user.


I have to check your second point. It should work with the command line parameter. Let me check it. I will answer you back ASAP.

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