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Changeset tip doesn't communicate clearly to its audience

Eric Carter

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Changesets have a double function:
1. They record what you checked in.
2. And they are also a snapshot of the entire repo.

Some tips:
* Changesets are identified by a unique "integer" in their repo. But if you use replication, then use the Guid instead.
* Every new repo has a "changeset zero".
* We often refer to changesets as "csets".
* Right click on a changeset to find all the available actions.
* We prefer the Branch Explorer for finding csets, but sometimes this list is good for finding one quickly.
* For Git users: "csets" are the equivalent of "commits".

This tip is a mix of "The Basics of Source Control" and very technical terminology that will be lost on the audience.

Someone who doesn't know what a changeset is also probably doesn't know these terms either:

  • integer
  • repo
  • guid
  • replication

The second tip also explains that new repos have something called a "changeset zero", but even as a very experienced source control user, I don't understand the significance of this tip. Add at least a phrase explaining why this is significant, or why I should remember it.

I think it's helpful to include the definition of "csets" in this tooltip so usages of that nickname are accessible, but I would avoid using "csets" in tips like this, since it's one more thing a new user has to learn before the tooltip is useful to them, and they may or may not have learned that term before coming to other tooltips.

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