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Welcome to the PlasticX Early Adopter Program. PlasticX is slated for an external alpha announcement soon. At this stage in development, we are looking for early adopters who are willing to try the new cross-platform GUI and give us some feedback.
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  2. I am glad to announce that Tree mode is supported in the "Pending changes" view. Please take a look at "All platforms - Desktop GUI, Gluon: Tree mode in Pending Changes view" at https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/
  3. Just you to know, ClearType support is coming in soon. Currently in dev... The difference is more noticeable zooming in:
  4. I just encountered this in Plastic got stuck and I was not able to do anything. The workaround above worked. Thanks.
  5. Is anything going to be done about this? I just wasted some time again today when the new gui in plastic v11.0.16.7419 silently ignored me pressing "Update workspace". Switching back to the legacy gui it helpfully showed me this: Having the new gui pretend nothing is wrong, leaving you scratching your head wondering why the files don't seem to update, is a real problem. From what I understand you're now also removing the option for using the legacy gui? Meaning I'm gonna waste even more time next time this happens. Please fix this.
  6. @yonggyun about the support for double byte language support we already have a beta version supporting it. Please let us know if you want to access to the beta program and want to test it. cc/ @vsanchezm
  7. We were told that this is is purely a limitation of the Skia milestone used by SkiaSharp. The out of the box Windows Skia build has dysfunctional ClearType even with Avalonia custom Skia build that uses a up to date milestone. So at the moment the only available solution is using a downgraded Version of SkiaSharp on Windows. The developer who is working on a native skia bindings.. which is almost working… has returned from holiday and is resuming this today. So hopefully they can find a way to make clear type work with the latest skia version.
  8. Hi, also for developers it would be a good feature to turn the diff of or exclude file types from diff. Our team is not using the diff most of the time. When PlasticX is used for operations (checkin, undo), most of the time the diff view is it's just time consuming. E.g. when selecting multiple files you have to make sure the last one is a file that can be checked very fast to have a good workflow. Otherwise, if you select e.g. a scene or a bigger prefab (when working with a Unity project) you have to wait until the diff is finished, even when the diff itself is not relevant. This makes the PlasticX client slower in comparison to the "old" Plastic client and because of this, most of our team members do not try the PlasticX client.
  9. Hi @blue I need it when I want my team to modify the repository or server set for an existing workspace. Example: we renamed the repository, or create a new one where we replicated some branches from the old repo, or when we change the server or just the server URL. Before the way to do was "set workspace selector" and entering the new selector text. But of course I would prefer a nice GUI where you can select the new repository and the server for the current workspace. Regards
  10. Hi @mdel, The request has been shared with the team. Can you please share why/when you need this functionality? We are trying to understand the workflow.
  11. Hi @mdel, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will deliver this information to our team.
  12. Hi, We are still working on the feature parity between the legacy and the new GUI. This option should be added soon. Regards, Carlos.
  13. Hello, In the legacy version of Plastic GUI it was possible to create a top level branch by right-clicking on the branch explorer and clicking "create top level branch". I did not find this feature in PlasticX Regards,
  14. In the previous GUI, doing a right-click on the workspace selector (see below) it let you edit it. But this feature is not available in PlasticX
  15. In the "classic" version of PlasticSCM GUI mouse scroll were scrolling the branch explorer horizontally. In Plastic X the mouse scroll vertically. This is a good improvement. I wish to still be able to scroll horizontally, but I did not find how to do so. I am expecting Ctrl+Mouse-Wheel or Shift+Mouse-Wheel but those does not make it scroll horizontally
  16. Ah I see - the notification email is entitled "PlasticSCM community digest". Sorry I thought it was a plastic news email so I missed it! Doh! I will watch out for these in future. Mouse
  17. Thank you for your response. My apologies for not replying earlier - I think I may have notifications switched off. I will check. A pity this. Will the old GUI continue to be supported? There are a lot of people with Windows 7 machines still!
  18. Yeap it is a bit time consuming but possible because you have to set color for every username manually
  19. Does this allow you to set colors for all the users? (I was not able to test, after installing Windows 11 - Plastic X is not working properly for me). In case I understand you correctly and it IS possible to set colors for all the users this way, though still sounds quite inconvenient for an operation you already had in GUI
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