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Welcome to the PlasticX Early Adopter Program. PlasticX is slated for an external alpha announcement soon. At this stage in development, we are looking for early adopters who are willing to try the new cross-platform GUI and give us some feedback.
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  2. I think there was a "Show in Branch Explorer" context menu feature when right click on branch and changeset of branch view and changeset view, but this option does not exist anymore on PlasticX
  3. Hello, I wish to have an option from the contextual menu to see the expected contribution of a child branch to its parent (if merged), which is the diff between the tip of the branch and the common ancestor of the main branch (F0/A0 and H1/C1 in the diagram below) Today if I used the "diff branch" feature, it shows me the diff from the origin of the branch. If I take the /main1 example below, "diff branch" shows H1/A1 instead of H1/C1, as a result the "diff branch" contains a lot of changes which actually are not part of /feature1 (here it will be C1 and B1 changes). I can manually visualize what I want by manually selecting the diff between H1 and C1, but it big repository it is a tedious operation and a which for automated button to show that diff.
  4. Today, when you open a diff view window, exploring the repository (e.g clicking on other object of the branch explorer) will modify the context of the opened diff view. On Plastic GUI "classic", there was this "shift" key feature, which does not does not work on PlasticX, I have open an issue report. But more than the "shift" key solution to open static diff view. I wish for: - static diff view to be the default (at least having an option to do so) - clearly differentiating between window which are static, from the one which is dynamic.
  5. The option explained is that blog post does not work anymore on PlasticX. https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022898534?input_string=clicking
  6. Any answer on this? Is this planned or does it still need to be configured in the old UI?
  7. Now changesets attract too much attention, they should look like this (right image): branches / merges / relations between branches are what's the most important
  8. Normally the label is displayed on hoover Changeset comment should be displayed too, also with no delay
  9. Hi @Francois Bertrand, We compacted the GUI a little bit ... I think it looks better now.
  10. Hey there! @Daniel Peñalba Thank you for your reply. Let me answer your questions... These metrics are definitely valuable in my daily process. As a game developer, it is not uncommon to deal with large sums of assets that must be checked-in (especially with refactoring or organization). And thus, it is not uncommon to have my Pending Changes tab have its list of total items changed extend below the fold of the application window. The reason that this metric was useful was for sanity checks prior to check-in. Let's say that I'm checking in a large sum of assets that are "Changed," and I do not want to include any "Moved" or "Added" assets. In this situation, I would have to scroll below the fold and verify that each category (should it exist) is marked 0 out of X. With the previous version, I could verify that my numbers lined up just by staring at the header. Additionally, it is also useful to have a clean summary of how large your changeset will be, prior to check-in. Because perhaps it might be trying to do too much in one check-in I hope that this makes sense, and I will gladly clarify further if it does not. If you are willing to add this feature back to the alpha version and put it on your roadmap somewhere, that would make me VERY happy! 😃
  11. @Jonah Grimm thanks for your feedback. It's always very valuated. We didn't add it because each category node (changed/added/moved/deleted) already have this info, but you're right, we're not displaying the totals. Just out of curiosity ... are these metrics (total count/checked) something that you use and it's valuable in your daily basis? And ... the most important question, ... why? I mean, in which workflow do you use them? That's being said ... yes! It's doable and it could be added in the "Items" header easily 🙂
  12. @mklasson I already fixed this issue. https://github.com/danipen/TextMateSharp/pull/16 It will be published in the next public Plastic SCM release. Thanks for your help! 😉
  13. Just doing a quick follow-up; did that make sense? Is there hope for something like this? I tried this new UI again (I'm generally using the old one), and it's driving me nuts how fewer files I see in my "pending changes" and most importantly how less useful it is that way. Thank you!!!
  14. Hello api-ms-win-core-winrt-l1-1-0.dll is a windows 8 or later library, that's why the program, when trying to search that library in system, fails to start because this dll is not present in windows 7 Also, even if this dll could be somehow added, PlasticX is being developed in Net 6.0, and Microsoft only gave support in Windows 7 to Net 5.0, so running the application in Windows 7 is not possible To be able to run PlasticX, a newer Windows version than Windows 7 is needed
  15. Just to check whether there is any update re this problem? I'd like to switch to the new GUI but unfortunately just won't run at the moment. If possible I would be grateful to know what if any MS redistributable I should install to resolve this dependency. (If that is what it is?). Kind regards Mouse
  16. Hello, Thank you for the information and screen shots, I will pass it along to dev team and make it a high priority.
  17. And I think you were asking; although I posted for the changeset view, I feel every "list" is affected (pending changes, workspaces view, change set view, etc.)
  18. Hi! Here is a screenshot of the new versus previous. Actually, a compact mode could be even tighter than the old one. I REALLY appreciate seeing as much data as possible vs "air/space" in my source control and I am sure many others like me would appreciate this. Thank you!!!
  19. Hello We published a fix for this issue in the latest release, now user columns widths preferences will be saved and retained between sessions https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/
  20. Hello We published a fix for this issue in the latest release: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/
  21. In the legacy GUI, you could always see at the top of the tab how many items were pending vs how many were checked. This is not present in the newest version. I realize that this is still very much an early alpha version, but whenever you all get a chance, I'd love to see those totals numbers return. Thanks!
  22. Fixed! The issue was fixed long time ago! Sorry for not updating this thread 😅
  23. Hi Sravz, Sorry for the late reply. The option concerns the "Workspace Explorer", but it is located in the Plastic SCM preferences under "Other options/Hide ignored items in the Items View". Please see the attached screenshots. The first screenshot shows the option in the Plastic SCM preferences in the legacy UI. The seconds screenshot shows the Plastic SCM preferences in new UI, where the option is missing. The third screenshot shows the workspace explorer of the legacy UI, which hides ignored and private items (making it very tidy) The forth screenshot shows the workspace explorer of the new UI, where hiding ignored and private items is currently not possible (making it very cluttered). If you need any other info, please let me know.
  24. Hello We created a fix to this issue (next week release should integrate this change) I will post again when the fix is public, this will be the final result: all permissions dialogs will be resizable in PlasticX
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