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  1. Hi, I think this behaviour started after one of the last client updates. I'm not sure because we don't have the same version of the client installed on every machine and I'm the first one how noticed this problem. But I know some colleagues have this probleme, too. My client version is We want to move to the new .net core Version of the plastic server in a few days anyway. Do you think this could be related to the server version? If so, I think the best way is to check, if this happens after the update. Thank you for you help! I come back to you after the update and let you know if this happens again.
  2. I already checked this. I can see the changes in the diff. Here some screenshots: Pending changes in plastic client Output of checkcontent + onlychanged and checkcontent only (As you can see I will get all or nothing ) One of the changes in AddressableAssetSettings (this is the file with the changes): Physics.asset has no changes Undo unchanged changes in Plastic ("Check the content to determine file as changes, not just timestamp" is enabled) Pending changes after undoing unchanged setting So this means, the plastic client can find changes in the AddressableAssetSettings.asset file and does not find changes in Physics.asset. But I can't reproduce this behaviour with the command line tool. I get both as changed or both as unchanged. I hope this helps Thanks again!
  3. Thank you for your answer. I already tried the --onlychanged parameter. But this gives me no return for both items (the one with changes and the one without changes which is just checked out). But if undo unchanged changes in Plastic client, the one without changes is undone. The background of this operation is, that we only want to make an automated process when there really are changes on specific files. So it's not only about the undo operation. I hope this clarifies, why we want this. The undo operation is not needed, but it is a nice side effect, if we could remove these items from pending changes.
  4. Hello, we used the following command to find unchanged change in specific files/directories: cm fc --checkcontent -R %filepath% I know this command is deprecated, but I found no other possibility to do the same per command line. So today I found a problem: I have two binary files in my pending changes. One has changes the other one does not have changes (it's just a checkout). When check the files with the command above, both files have changes according to the output. When I undo unchanged changes in Plastic client, the file without changes is removed from pending changes. Because of this our automated process isn't working any more. I also tried this with a simple checkout of an object wich also gives me the path of the object as if there were changes. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Thanks! Plastic Client Version:
  5. Ok maybe this is the problem. I was confused because psantosl talked about "marked as checkout" in this thread: https://forum.plasticscm.com/topic/20437-update-workspace-with-pending-changes/ With changed items it is possible to switch branches/changeset, but checkout files are not. Thank you for your help!
  6. The ignore.conf file was just an example. This was the first file I could find and I simply only checked it out in Plastic without any changes. This is the same for every other file. The behaviour changed in a long running project where this worked all the time, so the cloaked items can't be the problem. (Additional information: We don't use a cloaked.conf file in any project so there are no cloaked files) The "Run fast update" is not available in my plastic client. Looks like you removed it (see https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/ It's possible this setting is activated but since it is hidden, can't be changed. I could test it if you can tell me which entry I have to change in the config file.
  7. Hello! I was used to switch between changesets and branches with pending changes in Plastic. But this is no longer possible, no matter what I do. Basic infos: Plastic Client Version: "Allow when trying to switch / update workspace with changed items" is set to "Allow" in the settings Pending changes are checked-out My workspace is set to a branch and I'm trying to switch to another branch (not changeset as described in the thread Update workspace with pending changes) But I'm pretty sure I switch between changesets as well some time ago. The message is the same (no matter if I switch from branch to branch, from branch to changeset or from changeset to changeset): "Cannot perform the switch to branch/label/changeset/shelve since there are pending changes. Please review the pending changes and retry the operation again." Update of the workspace works (if there is a newer changeset on the branch) I also double checked that "PendingChangesOnSwitchAction" is set to "None" in my client.conf. I also made a short test in a small project with the same result. This is where I made this screenshots: Pending Changes View in Branch Explorer (tried to switch from main branch to /main/TestBranch) Workspace Settings And the message I can't say since which version of the client this isn't working but I didn't changed my behaviour and wondered, why this isn't working. Do you have a idea what could be the problem ore any recommendation what I could test? Thanks in advance! Thomas
  8. Hi, we are using groups to specify users that can only work on specific branches. Therefore we removed permissions for this group in the repository permissions (except read and view) and overwrite the permissions for the branches. This works well for everything except the "changecomment" permission. If the user wants to change a comment on one of the defined branches, he gets the message "You don't have permissions for operation changecomment". Is it possible that this is a bug? As all other features (like commiting, merging, etc.) are working well with this method. In the attachments you can see the settings for the repository (ReproSettings) and one of the branches (BranchSettings) for the group. Thanks in advance! Thomas BranchSettings ReproSettings
  9. Hi, so I copied all data from E:\ to E:\jet and changed the jet.conf file. No Plastic starts without problems. So it seems like only Drive Letter as path is not working with newer Plastic versions. Can an admin mark this thread as solved, please? Thanks for your help! Thomas
  10. Hi, thank you for your fast answer. Yes, we are paying customers, but at this point the issue is not urgent, because our current setup is running. Our jet.config contains this: basepath=E:\ prefix= suffix= maxcachedtrees=50 datafilesize=4 I thought about the "short" path with only the driveletter could be the problem, but wanted to wait for you answer. I will try to move the repository files. Regards Thomas
  11. We are using Plastic SCM Server at the moment but we want to upgrade to a newer version. But after every version that we install (tried and multiple 8.0.X releases, the last one I tried was the plastic server service can't be started. The plastic.debu.log.txt says: 2019-07-12 17:32:55,536 Main-1 INFO Daemon - Initialize Datalayer 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - JET SETTINGS: 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - basepath=E:\ 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - prefix= 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - suffix= 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - maxcachedtrees=50 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - datafilesize=4294967296 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - highperf=True 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - cleaningtemppath=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 FATAL Daemon - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 DEBUG Daemon - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1 at System.IO.Path.Combine(String path1, String path2) at Codice.CM.Server.ShareFolder.BuildFromJetPath(String jetPath, String prefix, String suffix) at DatalayerFs.FsDatalayer.Build(FsConf config) at Codice.CM.Data.Datalayer.Initialize() at akn.a(aas A_0) at akn.a(String[] A_0) I'm not really sure what's the problem here. As you can see the basepath is set (and all these settings are working with version Do you have any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance! Thomas
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