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Is it possible to set user changeset colors at the server level?


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I would like to assign user changeset colors, so that all users see the same set of colors in Plastic on all workstations. 

I know how to set the user changeset colors a local workstation.  And I know that the color.conf file can be copied to other workstations.  What I am looking for is a way to specify user colors globally.

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Hi @Welton

Sorry for the delayed response! 

There's global configuration in Plastic. This way, all the Plastic clients have the same settings by default. This means that the configuration files will consult the global configuration and the local (workspace relative) and main (client relative) files. However, Changeset colors - User is not applicable  for global configuration.

What can be globally configured?

  • Only the filters and conditional format rules can be globally configured.
  • The user-specific configuration, such as displaying full branch names, merge links, the start, and end date, will always prevail from the local configuration file. If these settings are set globally, they will be ignored during the "merge" of global and local rules.

Click here to learn about global configuration.

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