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  1. I would like to assign user changeset colors, so that all users see the same set of colors in Plastic on all workstations. I know how to set the user changeset colors a local workstation. And I know that the color.conf file can be copied to other workstations. What I am looking for is a way to specify user colors globally.
  2. Hi Carlos, I had copied one of the existing themes to a new folder to play with making my own theme. 😁 At your suggestion, I did take a peek at PlasticX, and I do like the Dark Theme, as well as some of the other changes, such as the "Advanced" dropdown on the "Pending Changes" tab. There are a few features that I miss from the old Plastic SCM UI. The first is the changeset coloring by user in the "Branch Explorer" tab. I also miss the accordion "Options" control on the right side of the same tab. Also the ability to collapse the left menu to icons only got give more real estate. I'm hoping these features will be restored as development continues. I would like to see one new feature that I had requested a long time ago: I would like to be able to use regular expressions in the "Filter" field on the "Pending Changes" tab, and in the "Search" and "Search Files" fields on the "Branch Explorer" and "Workspace Explorer" tabs, respectively. I like what I see so far. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Welton
  3. I am using Plastic SCM, and I am looking for something that describes which elements of the GUI are affected by which items in the colors.conf file. Some of them are easy to figure out, e.g. BranchExplorerColor.Background, others, not so much. Is there a comprehensive document describing all relations?
  4. I think that's the piece that I am missing. I couldn't find the link to download it. Best regards, Welton
  5. Hello Carlos, Yes, that is the feature that I'm looking for. Is it still available? If so, how do I get it? Best regards, Welton
  6. I am trying to trace several changes made to a specific method in my code, but I can't find the Plastic SCM install that supports method history. Is that still available? Because I could really use it right now.
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