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    Update groups

    Hi! Don't worry here to help everybody :) Yes! There's another way although it's a manual process, I'm not sure if it will be useful if you are looking to automatize it. You can use the Plastic SCM WebAdmin interface to manage the groups: You can type "umtool.exe --help" to get the command usage and check examples. C:\WINDOWS\system32>umtool --help These are available commands. You can either use long commands names or short command names. Long name Short name ------------------------------------ addgrouptogroup agtg addusertogroup autg changeuserpassword passwd creategroup cg createuser cu help hlp listgroups lg listmembersfromgroup lmfg listusers lu removegroup rmg removegroupfromgroup rmgfg removeuser rmu removeuserfromgroup rmufg renamegroup rng renameuser rnu * Executing a command: umtool command_name * Get help of a command: umtool help command_name * Show this help: umtool /? or umtool -help It also works for subcommands: C:\WINDOWS\system32>umtool agtg --help Include an existing group into a group. Usage: umtool addgrouptogroup | agtg <group_to_add> <group_name> Examples: umtool addgrouptogroup testers developers I'm sorry I think it can't be changed. I'll double check just in case. it's not possible to have two Plastic SCM users with the same name. BTW, I checked your company has Enterprise support so please feel free to contact us at support at codicesoftware dot com in the future.
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