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  1. I'm happy to share we support now Github LFS since version Please check the details at the release notes: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/
  2. Hi Marco, the only option right now is the one Pablo mentioned up there: I'm sorry I can't offer something better. "Trimming the data" repository consists in running the "cm archive" repository to preserve the history but remove the data. So the steps would be: 1. You identify the repository is very big. 2. Pull the cloud repository to a local repository. 3. Create a new workspace to work with the new pulled local repo, you don't need to update the workspace, just create a new one empty. Open a command line tool to the new workspace path and run the following comman
  3. Hi @Marc S I have just tested it and it work fine for me: I changed the display.options.show_parent_to_child_arrows to true at the $WKS_PATH\.plastic\plastic.branchexplorer file. You are right. We didn't make it a preference because it's not that common to change the arrow direction.
  4. Hi @Marcoand @JEP I want to let you know it's in our backlog and we want to get it implemented. Unfortunately we didn't have time to spend on it yet.
  5. Hi @argb32! if you want to use the status command in combination with the check-in command you need to use the following parameters: d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan>cm status --short --compact --fullpaths d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan\Assets\Animators\Environment.meta d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan\Assets\Scenes\Market.meta d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan\Assets\Items.meta d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan>cm status --short --compact --fullpaths d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan\Assets\Animators\Environment.meta d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan\Assets\Scenes\Market.meta d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan\Assets\
  6. Hi @argb32, the problem here is the checkin command is receiving * as the list of file to be checked-in. The * will translate into every single file of the directory. Some of those are not changed and the command fails. If you want to let the command to find all the changed files then remove the *, the command will recursively find those for you. Let me give you an example: d:\wkspaces\adventure_ivan>cm status /main@adventure@catacroquer@cloud (cs:128 - head) Changed Status Size Last Modified Path Changed 204 bytes 31 seconds ago Assets\Mod
  7. Hi @Bubu101! I'm sorry you are facing this problem. I'm wondering if the file path is too large for windows to manage it. Although the common error for that issues is "Filename is too long". Just in case, can you please rename the "MM_VestAccessories_Modern_Military_Gun_Holister_2_Pbr_MetallicAlpha.png.meta" to something shorter? Rename also the ".png" version of the file. Then, try again to checkin. Can you please run the "cm support bundle" command from the command line, and attach it? I'll review it for issues. Best, Manu.
  8. Hi @Audacity I recommend you to use the "cm sync" command to import a P4 depot path, and all its history, to a Plastic SCM repository. We call it "p4sync". Please find a complete guide of the Perfoce "cm sync" command here: https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023787873-P4-Sync-How-it-works Also, check the link below, it explains the main differences between P4 and Plastic, and why Plastic SCM is better and faster. https://www.plasticscm.com/alternative-to-perforce Best, Manu,
  9. Hi John! First thing is to prevent the "/main" branch modification by those users. You can right click the "/main" branch -> permissions -> Add the EXTERNAL_DEV group and deny the "ci" permission. From that moment they will not be able to touch the /mian branch. This example goes a little bit further: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/security/plastic-scm-version-control-security-guide#Preventchangesonabranch it presents more operations such us creating new branches which is too much for your case. You said you tried to deny all the permissions, but for which object
  10. manu

    Jet backup on windows

    Hi Dale! I believe I answered this one using the Zendesk support, but just to let the community know my answer, here it goes: Best, Manu.
  11. Sorry about that. We initially did it because we had a lot of SPAM attacks but you are right, we are going to make it easier. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Hi @ScottP! The bad news is you can't recover a deleted changeset, it's gone. Good news is you have a backup of the changes, so let's do the following: You mentioned you did a change on a file after removing the changeset, so you workspaces has changes, you can undo the change or shelve it to avoid losing its content. Then, once you have the workspace clean, place the files you copied outside the workspace (as a backup) back inside the workspace, open the pending changes view and check the change in. Hope it makes sense. If you still have questions don't hesitate to
  13. Try this! cm cat serverpath:/Assets/_Complete-Game.meta#cs:2@UG-MK1@localhost:8087 --file=_Complete-Game.meta I do recommend you to use "--file" instead of dumping the stdout, you might have issues with the file encoding and strange symbols the bash can't handle and the --file parameter masters it.
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